Shenseea Says Her Sophomore Album Will Be ‘Completely Different’


Shenseea dishes on her sophomore album, saying it will be “completely different” from Alpha.

The rising international talent says there’s no time to waste as she is back in the recording studio working on her second album, which will be completely different from her first album. Shenseea is undeniable one of the hardest working females in the game, from dropping music to going on tour and popping up for interviews.

While on the Brandon Gonez Show in Toronto recently, the singer spoke about her new album noting that it will be completely different.

“I’m happy where I am right now because I feel like I’ve been getting a lot of recognition from international acts, producers, I’m working with. I’m working on my second album and knowing that I’ve given my first album ‘Alpha’ to the culture, It’s my very first, I had to give back to my culture, the second one is completely different,” she said.

It’s unclear what kind of album Shenseea will be giving her fans in her sophomore album, but she was heavily criticized for her first album being very pop music-like instead of a strictly hardcore dancehall album that fans wanted.

Despite the advice of people like Sean Paul, who noted that he thought she went the pop music route too soon, Shenseea seems unfazed as she sets her eyes on the American music scene.

Many have called for her to release a rap project after several fire freestyles, none of which appeared on the first album, which was a mixed dancehall/pop project.

Shenseea did not go further to say what her second album might be like, but she did say that she received many collaborations (which she didn’t pay for) from other artists in the industry that was not used in her first album. However, she declined to name any of those collabs or say if those would appear on the second project.

In the meantime, Shenseea says she is “not really” feeling the love from Jamaicans in the dancehall community in her home or abroad.


“I mean not really, if I’m being completely honest because they know what I’m trying to do so as I said before they want to keep me to themselves in dancehall so it’s like a lot of people being rebellious,” she said.

Shenseea added that fans think she is trying to be somebody she’s not, but it’s all a part of who she is that fans have not seen.

“If I was supposed to only do this God would not give me the talent to do this,” she reasoned.

She added that she is used to the criticism as she recalled criticisms of her manager Romeich Major when he first discovered her.

“That’s how it started when I just came on the scene. People were saying Romeich was forcing me unto the industry and now look, y’all don’t want me to even leave the industry. So I know for myself you can’t listen to people because when you’re successful everybody supports you,” she added.

The singer also confirmed that she was going to be on Rolling Loud Toronto and all of the Rolling Louds festivals to be held during the year. Nevertheless, Shenseea said she is hopeful that her vocal issues might improve so she can attend and perform at all of the events.

Since the launch of her album, she has been receiving major publicity and even performed at a few media functions like the Tonight Show. Her dancing skills have been criticized as many did not feel the charisma. Shenseea said she wanted to rebrand herself and be more of a dancer.

“I’m really thinking about rebranding myself in terms of fitness,” she said as she said she didn’t like her arms and legs. “I want to be more fit and sexy and deal with more choreographed steps on stage that I want to work on,” she added.

Shenseea also addressed the controversial magazine cover for Numero, which she said was supposed to have the long hair wrapped around her body. However, it seems that the magazine did not photoshop the hair wrapped around her body as agreed and instead published her on the front cover in the nude.

“Y’all can tell lies on me y’all can do whatever but don’t ever disrespect my womanhood, that is my body, on top of it, I did not see that image before it went out…it wasn’t supposed to even look like this, it was supposed to look like a lot of photoshop with hair all around my body. When I did that shoot, I said I don’t want to look like this.”