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Kevin Gates Stage Antics Attracting Some Unlikely Fans To His Concerts

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is giving fans an oratory experience at his concert as the rapper has gone viral for another outrageous performance of his song “D U Down”.

Videos from Gates event show another outrageous performance by the Baton Rouge rapper as he performed the sexually explicit song, which mimics how he performs oral sex and has sex with his female partner. One video, in particular, shows an elderly Caucasian woman at the concert, clearly in shock at first, as Gates describes using his tongue to tease his partner. The woman’s jaw drops as the rapper continues to orate the experience before going into performing the track.

Fans on social media have reacted to the now viral clip as they question the rapper’s events.

“The cougars love Kevin Gates,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Who the hell taking they grandmas to Kevin Gates concerts????” another asked.

“Can somebody explain to me what the hell id going on with Kevin Gates and why does he have the internet in a frenzy?! What did I miss?! Somebody fill me in,” another said.

“Imagine scrolling your fingers through Twitter and the first thing you see is your grandma at a Kevin Gates concert,” one person said.

Kevin Gates

One person said that they spotted their mother in the crowd locked in to Kevin Gates performance. Without a doubt, the Baton Rouge rapper is attracting an unlikely crowd of who you would usually see at a rap concert, young millennials and Gen Z.

In the meantime, Gates continues to make headlines with “D U Down” from his new album ‘Khaza’. The rapper also recently received flack for his “Super General” freestyle which also listed out his nasty fantasies of several women in hip hop.

The rapper mentioned Rubi Rose, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj in the lyrics, which has since led to condemnation from hip hop fans.

While none of the women has acknowledged him, the rapper last month said that his verse is meant as a compliment to the husbands of the artists like Kenneth Petty and Jay-Z as their wives are viewed as desirable to other men despite them being married.