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Kevin Gates Takes Embarrassing Fall On Stage The Takes Shirt Off In Viral Clip

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates took a nasty fall while performing on stage on Sunday at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, but instead of taking a break or stopping his performance, he continued in good spirit.

A video of his performance has gone viral showing the “I Don’t Get Tired” artist tripping on what appears to be a speaker as he attempts to step back. He was on the front part of the stage but tripped over what looked like a speaker, landing on his back, butt, and elbows.

Kevin Gates, however, quickly gets up and bounces in the air before stopping and, in true entertainer style, takes off his shirt as he distracts his screaming female fans from the awkwardness of the last few seconds.

The rapper has not reacted to the incident, but he shared a sweet message for his fans on Twitter.

“Mississippi I love you,” he wrote in a tweet.

Kevin Gates, who appears to be very fit and into a healthy lifestyle, didn’t appear affected by the fall.

Last year he went viral for a pose that was taken during a stage performance in Kansas City, Missouri, as he showed off his level of fitness.

A photo shared by Kevin Gates on his Instagram showed him doing a stage jump suspended mid-air.

While the jump itself is quite impressive, many fans found the photo hilarious and quickly created memes superimposing the photo in various scenes, including in a scene of the movie the Lion King.

“Oh, Ye who Believe – Gifted – dive in the crowd no safety harness,” Gates had captioned the photo on IG.

In any case, the Muslim rapper doesn’t seem fazed and appears fit and happy, especially after his accident last year when he was involved in a serious car crash after a woman ran a red light and slammed into his Lamborghini Urus, causing it to spin out of control to nearly 100 feet from where the vehicle had stopped. The impact did not affect the rapper, thankfully.

In the meantime, Gates has announced his forthcoming album ‘Khaza’ will be dropping on June 17th.