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T.I. Warns His Son King He Will Go Prison Following Recent Arrest

T.I. King Harris
T.I., King Harris

TIP warns his son about bad behavior following recent arrest.

T.I.’s son appears to be happy that he copped a few charges on Wednesday. A mug shot of his son, King is being shared online, and the young man has also shared various videos where he also hit back at his critics.

Reports are that he was arrested on August 31, but he did not share what caused the charges. In one video, he is seen turning over charge sheets. A girl next to him says she received a charge for not wearing a seat belt and another charge while she points out that King was slapped with four charges.

“A lil minor set bacc fa a major come bacc f*** em,” he captioned the video. He later shared an Instagram Story where he expressed his feelings about the police.

“I’m back F**K 12 [exclamation emoji] WILD BEAST [P emoji],” he posted.

King was criticized by many people, especially fans of his parents T.I. and Tiny Harris, who warned that he was trying to live a ‘hood’ lifestyle when he should be doing better things with his life because his parents made sacrifices so he could benefit from better opportunities.

He later shared more videos of him taking a bubble bath, where he responded to the backlash telling critics to “get off [his] dick.”

Despite not having a job and by the looks of things, not planning to get one any time soon, King flaunted his parents’ wealth at those who warned him to keep away from trouble.

“Y’all right,” he wrote. “We too rich fa da sh*t! I agree,” he captioned the video.

T.I. and his wife Tiny have not commented on the video but the rapper addressed the arrest. In a video shared on his IG, TIP told fans to stop messaging him about his son because he spoke to King about his behavior.

“Think I ain’t spoke to my son?” he questioned. “Think I ain’t told my son, his mama and his grandmama? His ass is going to prison … if he keeps this s*** up, his ass is going to prison.”

Months ago, his father jumped to his defense after King was seen on video harassing a waffle house employee. The recent high school graduate was apparently upset because his order had pickles in it and said he didn’t ask for pickles, although it is a standard part of the orders.

He also taunted the employee that his pocket change was the employee’s yearly wage and threatened to pistol whip another employee who asked him to leave the establishment.