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T.I. Responds To His Son King Getting Into Altercation With Waffle House Employees

T.I. King Harris
T.I., King Harris

T.I. is defending his son King Harris who had a verbal altercation with Waffle House employees over his order being messed up. Harris took videos of the incident where he can be heard talking down to the workers and even telling one of them to come outside to fight.

The incident occurred at an Atlanta area Waffle House where the elder Harris child is heard expressing anger after the workers included pickles in his order.

“You can talk like that outside,” one person that was off-camera was heard telling King, to which he replies, “Hey, I can talk how the f*** I want to, wherever I’m at. I’m on live, shawty. Stop talking to me,” he said. “This ain’t your f***in’ restaurant.”

King Harris also went further to show off his dad’s money as he belittled the Waffle House worker’s low income.

“Everything you make, I can pull out my pocket right now,” he said before taking out a stack of cash. “I’m not tripping on you. I’m not talking to you.”

The teenager also addresses a second worker who told him to leave the restaurant.

“I’ll show you what I do. Come here, c’mon,” King said. “I’m outside, come out and say something … Get yo employees.”

Later, as he collects his food, he issues a threat that he can pistol-whip one of the workers.

While it’s unclear when the incident occurred, in the first part of his rant, he is heard telling a worker, ‘Tell your momma happy Mother’s Day.’”

Meanwhile, T.I. popped out to defend his son and questioned why the news was reporting his behavior.

“He graduated with honors … at 17,” Tip said. “I don’t understand what world we’re living in, when this is what we’d rather promote?”

T.I. also hinted that he had a conversation with his son about the incident where he noted that people might be envious of whom King is given his father’s celebrity status, and they might even go out of their way to get at him.

Many social media users, however, chided T.I for his reaction.

“My 1st thoughts? – “He’s so pink”. 2nd – T.I.’s son needs to work at one for 30 day’s. Needs to be humbled and instead of reprimanding his son T.I. blames everyone else for making it an issue. No wonder his honor roll son is growing up acting like he is. This over some pickles,” one person said on Twitter.

“T.I. better get him before they humble him,” another person said.

“King Harris is a super privileged trust fund baby who got everything handed to him so why he acting like he from the streets and he tough? His parents have failed miserably and at this rate, it won’t end well because these things never end well,” a third person said.

“Sadly this is accurate but I hope he grows up and gets some sense. He was dead a*s wrong and his fathers response was just as bad,” another person agreed in a response.

“And while we at it, these poor employees are already working for a shtty salary, the last thing they need is some dipsht humiliating them over some pickles,” one person said in defense of the Waffle House workers.