Masicka Ignores Skeng Beef, Focusing On ‘Good Music’ For Genahsyde Fans

Skeng, Masicka

Masicka says he has no interest in beefing with Skeng despite the Ratty Gang deejay’s latest diss track.

Dancehall fans are speculating that Skeng has dropped another song where he is dissing Masicka. Last week Saturday, the artist dropped his second song where he seemingly disses Masicka’s mother and his girlfriend. The song is titled “Day Break” and does not directly reference Masicka in any way, although several vloggers claim that the song is directed at the “Pack a Matches” deejay.

The two artists have a strained relationship following a comment by Masicka made in June about Skeng’s songs about the recreational drug Molly. Masicka has previously said anybody who popped Molly is a “Crackhead” on a comment thread by Bounty Killer, who denounced the promotion of the date rape drug which Skeng has been singing about.

Skeng seems to have an issue with the comment. The men also seemed to have differences over who would close Reggae Sumfest weeks ago, although it was not directly addressed by either artist. Skeng eventually closed the show without incident.

However, this week it seems that things are heating up with the artists as Skeng released the song, “Gvman Session,” where he deejays about being calm but being ready to defend himself.

“Patient play the mind game nutn rush friend/9x plus the makk 10 mek dem lock tense/Brawling, f*** the cops dem, resurrect hell/Bokkle boom every board house, every zinc fence/Anything try escape get a quick death/Fada Fada listen good mi seh a now yah talk/The last six months pass Mi deh yah cool and calm/Man a wait fi di one talk fi step inna dem heart,” Skeng deejays

Meanwhile, Masicka has not responded to either of Skengs songs, but a member of his Genahsyde camp, Shane Skull, responded to him on Saturday hours after “Day Break” was released.

“Any boy feel like them bad, push a foot, you understand me, a nuh talking thing, a nuh look we a look, bad we bad inna the swamp, just push a foot, man,” the Genahsyde artist said. “Mouth lock and teeth a show, eye rest pan water top, know weh ya do yute.”

Fans of the entire beef are speculating that the tensions between the artists might have to do with Sting coming up where Skeng might be hoping to clash with Masicka or another artist on stage. That might prove futile since Masicka is at this moment not interested in the beef. Sources in the Genahsyde camp told Urban Islandz on Thursday that the deejay and his manager discusses the issue and decided not to entertain it.

“Right now we don’t need this distraction the Genah is focus on making good music for his fans, it’s all about quality music like the album,” sources told us.

Still, some fans and vloggers are calling for Masicka to respond to Skeng, but seems that’s unlikely to happen.