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Tattoo Artist Money Mike Respond To Drake Clowning His Father’s Tattoo

Drake tattoo

Tattoo artist Money Mike responds to Drake laughing at his work.

The OVO rapper’s recent remarks about his father’s tattoo have not gone over well with the tattoo artist Money Mike. To say that he’s upset at the level of criticism he’s received is an understatement. Even though Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, got the tattoo of the “God’s Plan” rapper’s face on his arm about five years ago, Drake poked fun at it almost instantly and made it meme gold.

“[Dennis Graham] I was just sitting here thinking why you do me like this we family,” Drizzy wrote on IG while sharing a photo of the tattoo. He accompanied the post with several laughing emojis to emphasize what he thought about it.

Fans immediately latched on to the joke with comments like, “They said ‘Thank me later’ and Zoolander approves the use of blue steel and Magnum.” Additionally, since he made the post on August 8, it’s been liked over 470,000 times.

Bowen is visibly annoyed by the wrong type of publicity the post has brought and also used Instagram to get his feelings out there.

“That one time I tattooed Drakes portrait on his pops….” part of the post read, but it’s the hashtags that he used really showed how he felt about the negative attention. They included calling the Toronto rapper a b*tch a*s and an ungrateful piece of sh*t.

Some of Mike’s fans posted comments supporting his response to Drake, saying it’s not the tattoo that looks bad.

“Ok so I’ve looked at this idk how many times lol… The Tatt isn’t bad at all pops just picked a bad picture or Bro Drake too the tinybop lips poked out pictures dad wanted that js the tatt isn’t bad at all lines are clean etc,” one fan noted.

Though other fans commented that Mike was probably looking for some social media clout now that Drake had weighed in on the tattoo, most fans agree that it seems Drake was simply having a light moment with his dad and didn’t mean to drag Money Mike intentionally.

In 2018, Dennis called on the services of tattoo artist Money Mike, whose real name is Micheal Bowman, to create the full headshot of Drizzy on his right arm. In the post Money Mike recently made, he also has a short clip showing just how his work looked when finished.

At the time, he was elated to be given the honor as he made known on his website. “Had the honor and privilege of tattooing @champagnepapi fathers portrait on the man himself @therealdennisg.Thank you again Dennis for the hospitality and for letting me do this for ya. CHUUUCH,” he wrote at the time.

According to TMZ, Dennis Graham met Mike at his birthday party and told him that he wanted a tattoo of his son, which he hoped would match Drake getting Dennis’ portrait tattooed on his arm in 2014.

Have you seen the tattoo as yet? Do you think it looks like Drake? Be sure to let us know where you stand on this one.