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Nicki Minaj Drops New Song “Super Freaky Girl”, Respond To Funk Flex

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj drops her new song “Super Freaky Girl” and seemingly respond to a comment made by Funkmaster Flex.

Funk Flex is walking a thin lie with Nicki Minaj as he threatened to drop a new Nicki Minaj song on Hot 97 at 7 PM. The New York radio DJ desperately tried to grab attention on himself as he said he was releasing the song and apologized ahead of time to Minaj. Minaj was to release the preview of her song on Queen Radio ahead of the song dropping at midnight on Friday.

On his Instagram Story, Funk Flex shared a message that threatened to reverse the peace pact between him and Minaj. “I hope this doesn’t set us back! I feel our relationship is so much better! I had to get the song. You stop responding in the DM @hot97 7 PM! Tonight!” he wrote.

He also shared another message an hour later that Republic Records was upset at him for wanting to release the song.

“@republicrecords is upset at me! I’m playing @nickiminaj tonight! No more passes! I gave @khaled a pass last week! NO MORE!” he said.

Funkmaster Flex IG

As if wanting to commit career suicide, Flex also appealed to Minaj’s vicious fan base for clout. “Barbs let’s do it,” he wrote.

Flex also shared in his stories other new songs he was dropping, including a Jhene Aiko and Tyga collaboration featuring Pop Smoke, new Megan Thee Stallion, and Rod Wave tracks. Funkmaster Flex also reshared several stories on his Instagram account with Minaj fans activated and coming for him. Fans threatened the DJ with harm in some of the stories he reshared.

At 7 PM, the Hot 97 DJ shared new songs by Fabolous, the Lox, and Jadakiss, N.O.R.E, and he also played Minaj’s track with a message to her. “This song is crazy! New @nickiminaj‚ĶLove u Nicki! Barbs I love y’all,” he wrote.

Nicki Minaj did not directly respond to Funkmaster Flex, but she did hint in an Instagram live that she has several awards to give out, including “C**k s**ker of the Day.” The Queens rapper also dropped several tweets around the time Flex dropped her song.

“The first #C**kS**kerOfTheDay award in 3 years, will b announced tonight live on #QueenRadio #SuperFreakyGirl I’ll also give out new awards Tune in!” Nicki tweeted.

“Tonight I’ll also give away the #MumblingAndCackling award plus #SecretObsessedHater award. That one will be a blind item that you’ll have to guess the actual name #QueenRadio #SuperFreakyGirl I’ll also give out the #BozoBlog award & if I’m feeling rlly zesty I’ll give out,” Nicki Minaj teased on her account.

Listen Nicki Minaj new song “Super Freaky Girl” below.