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DJ Khaled Pationately Pitches Drake Movie To Mark Wahlberg

Drake DJ Khaled
Drake and DJ Khaled

The dynamic duo of DJ Khaled and Drake may be taking their efforts to the silver screen if they get their wish.

DJ Khaled, known for his various connections, including those in Hollywood, yesterday, August 7, used Instagram to show fans that his music truly is taking him places. In a video, he talked to actor, producer, businessman, and former singer Mark Wahlberg on FaceTime about his new single “Staying Alive.”

Wahlberg admits that he can’t stop listening to the track, which features Drizzy and Lil Baby. He also revealed that he absolutely enjoyed the acting in the accompanying music video. Ever the businessman, Khaled was quick to seize the opportunity to bring up yet another venture that it looked like he’d been thinking about.

“I’m telling you now, you get Khaled and Drake to do a movie together, it’s game over,” Khaled said, to which Wahlberg quickly replied, “I see. We should have a meeting. I got that movie with me and Kevin Hart coming out right after. We should just pitch an idea to Netflix.”

The super producer then continues to press Wahlberg as he teased that his and Drake’s on-screen chemistry is leaps ahead of Wahlberg and Hart’s.

Wahlberg, seemingly convinced, added that they should pitch a movie with the idea and hire a writer. Khaled and Drake may be looking to take that energy they have to the screen in earnest especially considering just how hilarious their scenes were while playing hospital staff in the video for “Staying Alive.”

Drake already has some acting experience as well. His fans would know that in 2001, he played the role of “Jimmy Brooks” on Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001). Drake played a basketball star who is confined to a wheelchair after being shot by a classmate. He played that role for seven of the show’s 14 seasons.

DJ Khaled is no stranger to the big screen as he has had many cameos, including Pitch Perfect 3, Spies In Disguise, and Bad Boys 3.