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Fivio Foreign Previews Remake Of Mase ‘What You Want’ As Feud Escalates

Fivio Foreign

Fivio Foreign threatens to release a remake of Mase’s classic “What You Want” as their feud escalates beyond a bad record deal.

After putting out the disgraceful contract he received from Mase, the Brooklyn drill rapper is back again to troll the former Bad Boy artist with a sample of his own song. On Thursday night Fivio Foreign shared a snippet of a new record which sounds like a sample of one of Mase’s biggest records.

The video shared by Fivio showed him in the studio while a voluptuous woman was licking his forehead while the song played in the background. Many fans reacted on social media as Fivio tagged Mase on his Instagram account with the song sample of his “What You Want” track featuring Total from his debut album Harlem World.

The album was and is still one of the biggest projects released by Diddy’s Bad Boy Label and features some much-loved songs like “Feels So Good,” “24 Hours To Live,” and “Will They Die 4 U?”

“What you want from me ?,” the “Big Drip” rapper wrote on the post.

It seems that Fivio is getting petty after Mase lied about how he helped Fivio and the exact sum of money that was given to him.

Fivio Foreign had revealed this week that the former Bad Boy rapper had him locked into an unconscionable contract that paid him an advance of $5,000. While it sounded like Fivio was joking, the rapper eventually shared the contract, which showed that Mase would also be getting a significant portion of his royalties and other income from his music.

Fivio hit out at Mase after the former Bad Boy rapper did an interview on Million Dollaz Work of Game podcast where he alleged that he gave Ma$e $5,000 initially through his RichFish Records label, and then he gave him $750,000.

When questioned about the money, Mase, however, said that he helped Fivio to negotiate a deal with a bigger label, but out of the money, he took $800,000 of the money and gave him $$750,000.

While Fivio Foreign has been cool about the entire thing with Mase this is the first time he is seriously speaking about the deal with Ma$e. The rapper had said in a previous interview that the man who helped him get the deal even ran off with the money.

In the meantime, Fivio seems to have more to say about the deal and Ma$e as he shared a tweet hinting that he might be seeing N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on Drink Champs.

“I mite have to do Drink Champs,” Fivio tweeted alongside a thinking emoji.

Despite the controversy, Fivio Foreign has not taken any steps to end the contract with Mase, having said in the past that he is in control of his money and doesn’t bother with the contract with the veteran rapper.

The rapper’s contract is not unlike others that exist in the industry, particularly in hip hop for cases like Megan Thee Stallion and even Mase, who has alleged that his own label boss Diddy gave him a raw deal by signing him for little and nothing and keeping his masters while refusing to sell them or hand them over.

Many hip-hop fans have criticized Mase for, in essence, doing what Diddy did to him. Mase has not helped the situation as he referred to himself as “Diddy 2.0” as he took shots at Diddy.