Bounty Killer and Beenie Man Clash On Instagram Reigniting Old Beef

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer
Beenie Man, Bounty Killer

Less than two years after the veteran artists showcases a strong message of unity on Verzuz, Bounty Killer ended his truce with Beenie Man as he accused his longtime rival of disrespecting him at Reggae Sumfest.

The artists have gone back and forth on Instagram on Tuesday night (July 26) as Bounty Killer dropped the first accusation against Beenie Man, who made a statement during his performance at Sumfest over the weekend that he did not trust Bounty Killer.

At the time, it was speculated that Beenie Man was taking a jab at Bounty Killer over the Ishawna “Equal Rights” performance, but it appeared that there were deeper tensions between the artists.

“@kingbeenieman Yu dissed me the other night on stage at Sumfest outright bout BOUT KILLER MI NUH TRUST YU go trust yu family dawg,” Bounty Killer captioned a photo of him and Beenie Man performing a tribute for Dave Kelly during Friday night’s event.

Bounty also added that he and Beenie Man could go back to being rivals if that was what he wanted.

“It’s only bcuz I was well focused on the assignment why I didn’t even buy into it then u would’ve heard that I spoiled the man tribute with personal feelings so ppl unuh ask beenie what is he seeking if he wants to take it back to rivals or be idols bcuz we can start it at MECCA CLUB Tonight then since him love f**kery,” Bounty said.

Within minutes of Bounty Killer making the post, Beenie Man dropped his own post on Instagram as he accused the “Dead This Time” artist of acting shady over the last few weeks and even during the events leading up to Sumfest.

“MI NUH TRUST YUH. Ah that mi sehh. Yuh diss mi at @harrytoddlerrulaboss74 party. Mi mek it slide. Mi link Banky and asked why Bounty vex and a wha gwaan make him diss me. Banky sehh nothing like that, @grunggaadzilla neva waan share the stage wid yuh until sumfest. Mi say ok,” Beenie Man said in a lengthy response.

Beenie Man said that Bounty Killer has had a sour attitude towards him despite doing favors for him.

“@grunggaadzilla and Banky ask me to perform at a football Charity event. I went out of respect and the fact that I committed to it, when mi reach not even a hail, nuh thanks, nuh ntn. I performed same way. Sumfest rehearsal same thing. Same energy yuh a give off. All of that showed me that something wrong,” Beenie Man said.

Beenie Man’s post also used the same page as Bounty Killer, which was a photo of the two artists on stage together. According to Beenie Man, Bounty Killer only showed him a good face on stage.

“Then when we deh Pon stage yuh a give man high five. MI NUH TRUST YUH. Mi Na high five Nuh man weh ah give me bad vibes then a smile up wid me Pon stage. Mi tell Banky fi talk wah wrong mek wi fix it uno say ntn. So yeah mi Nuh trust yuh and a deh so it deh until yuh talk why you’ve been in your feelings,” Beenie Man ended the post.

In the meantime, Bounty also responded to his fans who called for the unity pact to continue noting that it was up to Beenie Man.

“One strike him get weh kool mek him f**k himself again mi mek sure to tag him also so that he can see everything today him asked me for this unity and he wants to mess it up,” the Killer said in response to the comment.

In the meantime, around 8:00 PM, Bounty Killer also responded to Beenie Man’s admittance that he had a reason not to fist bump him.

“Oh good so you did it on purpose I’m glad to know that well let me tell you this now we aren’t no friends anymore from today on stay far from me bcuz I didn’t know that we was a duo so If I had walked off stage it took away from your shine did you mentioned that you wanted us to perform together b4 did you even acknowledge me in the venue did I know ntn about what you had intended to do? No you then came to Porus the Sunday I was there b4 and you came saw me and what [did you do] hold your and walked passed me. Did you hail me ? no so who the f**k you think you be that me gonna hail you so then at the reheasrsal what did you expected me to hail you either you feeling your self I see no unity done anything a anything yu bad beenie,” Bounty wrote in the comments to Beenie’s response.

The drama did not end there as Beenie Man came back with another lengthy response where he said that Bounty Killer had started the bad vibes. See the response below:

“Mi link PRIVATELY and asked if there was a problem. Yuh claim there was no issue at [Harry Toddler] party. Mi move passed that,” Beenie wrote.

“Yuh invite me to your charity event, mi reach yuh Nuh acknowledged mi, Nuh hailings, Nuh knowings, Nuh thanks, Nuh ntn. I moved passed that. Yuh claim I should have hailed you first, cause you were at the venue first. Bredda, it’s your event yuh ago deh deh first. Ah you invite mi.” the dancehall legend continues.

“Anyway we moved passed that, we deh Sumfest rehearsal same bad vibes. If everything was good why would you need to be pushing that vibes at the rehearsal? It Nuh mek sense bredda,” he added.

“Then on stage now yuh a give me high five when leading up to the event yuh ah push negative energy towards me, yuh really expect me fi high five? That’s why mi sehh mi nuh trust yuh @grunggaadzilla. Plus if there was really no issue why would you not hail me but hail and interacted with everyone else? Flip Flop weird behavior that. Mi nuh trust it.”

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In the meantime, some artists have reacted to the commotion, with Chris Martin urging the men not to end the pact.

“Don’t take the UNITY outta da COMMUNITY,” he said in a comment response to Bounty.

Popcaan had a more entertaining response as he seemed to enjoy the rivalry between the artists.

“Bwoy fi dead! It’s been a long time,” he wrote in response to the first Bounty Killer post.