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Yung Miami Addresses Accusation Diddy Relationship Is A PR Stunt

Diddy and Yung Miami
Diddy, Yung Miami (from left)

Yung Miami has responded to critics of her relationship with Diddy.

The City Girls rapper has had enough of fans labeling her ongoing relationship with Bad Boy CEO Diddy as a ‘PR relationship.’ On Saturday morning Yung Miami took the time to respond to a follower who made the comment.

“Wtf I look like being in a “PR RELATIONSHIP” y’all say anything! I’m a fr hood b**ch foh,” she said in a tweet. She also accused her critics of being jealous of her. “Ppl really be jealous fr, I can never be no jealous a*s b*tch!”

Diddy had confirmed last month on Yung Miami’s podcast Caresha Please that the two were indeed involved, although he refused to call it and relationship and said that they two were just dating.

The confession came after almost a year of sightings together and drama with another one of his ex-girlfriends, Gina Huynh.

Late last year, the pair were spotted together on vacation, while Miami herself has shared several posts and delete of her cozying up on Diddy’s lap and even holding hands.

Diddy | Yung Miami @IG

“We date. We’re dating,” Diddy said when asked by Caresha about what he would call them going together.

His answer, however, left some confusion about the nature of their relationship, which has caused fans to take jabs at Yung Miami constantly.

“We go have dates, we’re friends, we go to exotic locations, we have great times,” he added.

Diddy added that they have gone to strip clubs and church together, but when pressed to define their relationship, he said he is “single but dating” and that he’s “just taking my time at life.”

Diddy did share his feelings about Miami as he praised her personality.

“You’re like one of the realest people I’ve ever met,” he said.

“You’re authentically yourself and you’re a great mother and a great friend. We just have a good time… yeah, you the funnest,” he says, smiling.

Since then, Diddy’s answer has caused his ex Gina Huynh to back down from sharing photos and videos of her and Diddy.

Huynh is also among the persons who have claimed that the Miami/Diddy relationship is a farce and a “PR relationship”.

Huynh and Yung Miami clearly will never be friends, as the City Girls rapper addressed her directly last month after she appeared at the Billboard Music Awards to celebrate Diddy. She also shared snaps of her and Diddy sharing affections and sparking an outburst from Yung Miami, who accused her of seeking attention. At the time, Miami and Diddy did not confirm that they were dating as yet.

However, Diddy later shared that he had taken care of the situation after the spat between the two women.

“It was messy and I just…it was one of those days, had to polish things up, had to press the reset button…” he said.