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Yung Miami Blast Diddy’s Ex-Girlfriend Gina Huynh Who Recorded Diss Track

Yung Miami Gina Huynh
Yung Miami, Gina Huynh

Diddy is living his best life as he has City Girls rapper Yung Miami and his ex-girlfriend Gina Huynh fighting over him on social media.

Yung Miami seemingly put to bed the rumors that she and Diddy were an item as she blatantly pointed out she was involved with Diddy and taunted Gina over the rapper’s failure to commit to her over the years.

Gina Huynh, who is Diddy’s former girlfriend, was seen over the weekend at the Billboard Music Awards show that Diddy was hosting. Yung Miami was also at the event as well. However, it seems that both women have been competing for the label executive’s attention.

While at the event, Huynh seems to have struck a nerve as she said she was there to support her baby father, Diddy, in an Instagram Story. She called the hip hop mogul her baby daddy despite them not having a child together.

On Tuesday, Gina went further to antagonize Miami as she shared a picture of her and Diddy sharing a kiss sparking rumors that they have unfinished business together.

Miami seemingly reacted to the photo with a string of messages and a back and forth with Gina.

“Somebody please give this girl some attention.” She wrote in one tweet. Gina later responded that it was Miami who was looking for attention.

“Notice me please a*s b*tch go sit down! WE SEE YOU RELAX IT’S ok! You been (AROUND) just (AROUND) for years! You been waiting on this moment if he can’t make you famous b##ch I ain’t!” she said in another tweet.

Gina also responded further with a “why you pressed” Instagram Story targeted at no one she named, but Miami reacted as she bashed Huynh.

Diddy and Gina Huynh

“Ian arguing with no b##ch that got cheap a*s lint ball carpet in they house f***ing on a billionaire! You freaky a*s b*tch!” the City Girls rapper tweeted.

In another tweet, she shared that she was indeed involved with Diddy.

“I am and that’s why I F*** with yo ni*** & ain’t coming off him idc how many pics you post!… Get that head, bread, & leave,” she said in two separate tweets.

Diddy has been seen with Yung Miami on and off over the last year but sometime in 2021, he appeared to have dropped Miami and went back to Gina.

Gina has been around the rapper and was seen at Usher’s Las Vegas residency with him last year, where he seemed to have dedicated a song, “I need a girl,” to her.

It seems that she’s not going anywhere despite saying in the past that Diddy, 51, beat her up and that she had twice aborted babies for him.