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Diddy Opens Up About Dating Yung Miami: “We Go to Exotic Locations”

Diddy Yung Miami
Diddy, Yung Miami

Diddy Love has confirmed that he and City Girls rapper Yung Miami are dating after months of speculation.

Fans were not surprised at the confession as Diddy and Yung Miami have been seen together on vacations, cozying up on his lap and even holding hands, but there is still some confusion about the nature of their relationship.

Diddy appeared to clear that up in his latest sit-down with Yung Miami on the self-titled series Caresha Please airing on Diddy’s REVOLT TV.

The first episode of the show aired on Thursday, with the pair bringing up their relationship around the 14:00 minute mark.

When asked what they were, Diddy replied, “We date. We’re dating.”

“We go have dates, we’re friends, we go to exotic locations, we have great times,” he added.

Diddy added that they have gone to strip clubs and church together, but when pressed to define their relationship, he said he is “single but dating” and that he’s “just taking my time at life.”

Diddy | Yung Miami @IG

It seems that of the entire lot, Yung Miami is his favorite.

“You’re like one of the realest people I’ve ever met,” he said.

“You’re authentically yourself and you’re a great mother and a great friend. We just have a good time… yeah, you the funnest,” he says, smiling.

That answer does give perspective to the rapper’s life for those who are curious about him and his ex Gina Huynh who recently shared snaps of her and Diddy sharing affections and sparking an outburst from Yung Miami.

Diddy spoke on the situation, noting that he had to fix things in the background.

“It was messy and I just…it was one of those days, had to polish things up, had to press the reset button…” he said.

Shortly after the blow-up with Miami and Gina Huynh, it appeared that the Bad Boy label CEO had unfollowed Gina. It appears that that situation has taken care of itself.

Yung Miami did not like the answer Diddy gave about being single but dating and confronted Diddy about the double standard had she been the one saying she was single but dating.

“I feel like you single while we go together, so how would you feel if I pretend I’m single when we go together,” she asks while he awkwardly laughs.

“We go together now?” he asks to which she responded, “real bad.”

“Whatever you say,” he answers while Miami quips, “I like that.”

Meanwhile, the couple shared a few moments from their relationship, including their first date, which was to go surfing after the BET awards, but Yung Miami did not show up because she didn’t want to spoil her wig!