Sean Paul, Gwen Stefani Delivers Groovy “Light My Fire” Performance On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sean Paul Gwen Stefani
Sean Paul and Gwen Stefani / YouTube

Sean Paul and Gwen Stefani light a fire on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

International dancehall star Sean Paul is a testament to how loyalty to your art form pays off. The Jamaican artist once again took the sounds of his home to the international stage after a stellar performance of one of his latest tracks, “Light My Fire,” alongside Gwen Stefani on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The track, which also features sultry songstress Shenseea, is off his latest album Scorcha and has been making waves on the charts and on various social media sites. The official video premiered just a day ago on July 13 and already has over 250,000 views.

The pair delivered a powerful and flawless performance that was met with a standing ovation by the live audience. There’s no doubt that Paul has continued to carry the flag of Jamaica around the world and has worked hard to perfect who he chooses to collab with. So far, almost every artist that he has chosen has led to massive success.

The video of the electric performance was uploaded to YouTube earlier today, July 14, and was immediately praised by those who commented. Some questioned how come Shenseea wasn’t part of the set like this fan who said, “Love the tune, Sean has been killing it lately. No Shenseea, she needed to be there for sure. Always great to see Jamaican artist on shows like this. Big up when, some of us remember he Ska days.”

Other fans were just content that Jamaican music was well represented on the international stage, like this fan who said, “Always sean show them how we do it.”

The “Earthquake” singer spoke with Rolling Stone before the performance and said that he has always been a fan of Gwen Stefani and that he was excited to work with rising star Shenseea as he was very proud of all that she had accomplished in such a short period of time.

In the same interview, Shenseea also expressed her gratitude for getting the chance to work with two veterans in the music biz.

Paul has already said he has high hopes for this album and hopes it brings him another Grammy, and so far from the international response he’s been getting, it seems to be on the right track.

Check out the performance below.