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Drake’s Team Denies Sweden Arrest As Free Drake Trends On Twitter


There were reports on Thursday afternoon that the Canadian rapper, along with a bodyguard, was arrested in Sweden for possession of marijuana.

Social media was rife with speculation about the incident, with many fans sharing posts and memes about Drake and others asking for new music from the rapper about the incident.

Several news sites and journalists have reported otherwise, claiming that the rapper was never arrested by Sweden officials. However, one report confirmed that he was indeed in the country but not in police custody.

On Thursday night, the rapper began trending on social media after news surfaced that he and his close protection officer were arrested by local police at a nightclub in the country’s capital, Stockholm.

Drake previously shared a series of posts on Instagram regarding his arrival at the country’s Arlanda airport on Wednesday. The rapper shared updates with his fans showing his jet, the Boeing 767 he calls “Air Drake,” touching down in the city.

The rapper was also spotted shopping in the Östermalm district of Stockholm and also dining at Ciccio’s restaurant.

It’s not known if the rapper is just on vacation or visiting the European country for other reasons.

His team has, however, categorically denied any reports about an arrest in Sweden.

Late on Thursday night, Senior Front Page Editor for the Huffington Post, Philip Lewis, reported on his Twitter account that Drake’s team and Swedish police are denying arresting Drake.

“FYI: I talked to Swedish police and they told me Drake is not currently in their custody. (That was the only info they would give),” one tweet said.

“From Drake’s team: “Drake is at his hotel and has not been arrested,” he added.

Sweden is a serious place when it comes to weed which is illegal. In 2019, A$AP Rocky was arrested for a fight between him, his entourage, and two local men.

Reports came out this month that Rocky was released after former President Donald Trump threatened to wage economic war against the country if the rapper was not released. He later received a suspended sentence.