Squash Insist He And Rygin King Started Trap Dancehall, Aidonia Fans Respond

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Squash, Aidonia

Squash says he and Rygin King started trap dancehall, but Aidonia fans says not so fast.

Dancehall fans do not seem to agree that artists Squash and Rygin King are the ones who started the trap-type music in dancehall. On Friday, Squash claimed his flowers for the sub-genre of music on his Instagram Stories that set fans off.

“Squash and rygin bill the trap nuh boy nuh gi we chat @rygin tell dem fi respect it,” he said.

The comment, however, began a debate as fans discussed who truly started trap dancehall.

Trap dancehall is distinguished from regular dancehall music due to the sounds, frequency, and lyrics. According to Red Bull, trap Dancehall has longer beats and hooks than Trap music, and with a hook, it moves from hardcore dancehall, which traditionally has no hook.

Even though Squash is taking credit for starting that type of music, it is widely acknowledged by producers and some artists that he and Rygin do have something to do with the sub-genre taking off, but they are regarded as popularizing trap dancehall.

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For Rygin King he gets the most credit for his singles popularizing trap dancehall, including tracks like “Feather Weight, “Learn,” and “Tuff, “while Squash’s “Life Story” and later “Shooting Mood” feature the topic of lottery scamming and how youth no longer want to struggle or wait for opportunities that might never come, get into lottery scamming and even the effects of scamming gone awry.

Nowadays, trap dancehall music embodies lottery scamming, and those themes around “ghetto yute fi have things” which now feed into the “Choppa” bangers being released by artists like Intence and Skeng.

However, fans believe that the artists who truly deserve their flowers for trap dancehall are Aidonia and Tanto Blacks, who first began adopting the trap style in dancehall music.

They specifically were the only artists who embodied trap music style on dancehall riddims, inspired by the flow, style, and content of music from artists like O.T. Genasis, Bobby Shmurda, and Young Thug.

Some fans online heavily debated Squash’s claim.

“Nope a aidonia build trap dancehall from the 90s,” one person said on Instagram.

“Well it was really @aidonia and @ryginking,” another said.

“I still don’t get what trap dancehall is supposed to be. is it just the beat alone? cause the guys aren’t rapping. I think aidonia makes the closest thing to what dancehall trap would actually sound like,” another person said on Twitter.

“I just clocked Trap Dancehall has transformed into Choppa Dancehall lol. Aidonia was one of the main people pushing out the Trap Dancehall,” another added.