Beenie Man Confronts Billboard Selector Boom Boom Over ‘Trap Dancehall’

Beenie Man isn’t here for the new generation of sound system selectors pushing Trap Dancehall.

The dancehall legend gave DJ Boom Boom and Harry Hype a piece of his mind while at a dance on Sunday night after he said that the DJs were mainly playing trap dancehall songs and shunning authentic music, which contributes to the deterioration of the dancehall music industry.

A video of Beenie Man admonishing the DJ has gone viral as the incensed Beenie got on the mic as he addressed Boom Boom at his Boom Sundays event, who had continuously played a disproportionate amount of trap dancehall songs.

“Don’t blame we, blame yourself. Ah wam to oonu man. When man bring dancehall song to oonu, oonu don’t play it, Ah wam to you Harry Hype? Unu play the trap dancehall. Oonu play the man weh nah come to the party, and we weh deh ya oonu nah play we,” Beenie says to the agreement of those around him.

“The man weh nuh deh ya oonu play them, one hour, two hour and three hour,” Beenie Man continued. “Ah dem a f**K up the music. Mi just want you know still. The man weh a talk ‘yow me have a gal weh [illegible word: lblblblbblllbbl] a dem only ya play bredren.”

Beenie Man added that the DJs were contributing to “mash up” the genre, similar to how Reggae was sidelined.

“Oonu nuh play it! Nuh tell mi nuh f***ery! Oonu mash up Reggae music,” the dancehall legend added. “Hey bwoy, oonu nuh ramp wid mi enuh! Billboard selector, oonu nuh ramp wid mi music! Oonu a ramp wid mi life! Mi a di king a dis! Yuh jus play di music! Boom Boom, weh di b***oclaat do oonu man?”

Disc Jockey Boom Boom

Dancehall fans on social media were quick to agree with Beenie Man as they noted that DJs’ practice of money pullups and paying for music to be played was destroying the music scene.

“Strong points which mek sense but dem yute ya moral Fibre leaves much to be desired fam…some of the level of acceptance weh di I dem as djs that play the music stoop to fi a fwd or money pull up is a major factor in the deterioration of the music standard and culture…a bare ediat unu send go road mostly wen artist like miself sing classic it fall pon deaf ears wen mi no put no brain effort in a it have ey place a buzz bruh !!! The mount a quality reggae song man mek weh no get play a dancehall mi tek fi it #NoJoke,” one young reggae artist said on Instagram.

“It’s about fu****g time and the money pull up ting need fi stop gi back the dancehall to the woman dem please if u wah throw money throw it pan women dem,” another person said.

Another fan also had advice for Beenie Man to understand how music evolves with its supporters.

“Moses yuh fi understand a 2022 things times changes i knw for show ppl from 1940s wouldn’t listen to the 90s dancehall back, because thts a different error for dem just like now. So u can’t force ppl who born in the 2000s to listen 80s an 90s…an soon to come 2000s ppl soon complain about the next generation of dancehall,” the fan wrote.