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Boosie Badazz Addresses Viral Video Of Him Defending Woman From A Man

Boosie Badazz explains why he had to threaten to beat up a man who was giving a woman a hard time.

Boosie Badazz was seen confronting a man outside of an unknown hotel after the man allegedly harassed a female hotel employee. A video of the encounter was shared online with the Louisiana rapper sticking up for the woman while a group of people milling around to observe.

In the video, Boosie can be heard telling the man, who is shown for a few seconds, that he won’t tolerate him bullying the lady.

“You ain’t gonna talk to her like that. I would beat your a*s if you talked to me like that. You not gonna disrespect a woman like that,” a very spirited Boosie said.

Other clips of the incident show Boosie Badazz telling the man that the woman had already said that she was sorry and there was no need for the aggression he was showing to her.

According to a report from TMZ, the woman in question is a hotel employee, and she had apparently offended the other male and his wife, who were both guests.

Boosie later clarified what happened within minutes on Twitter.

“The reason I told that man that because he backed a woman down until she could do nothing,” Boosie began in the tweet. “He kept approaching her after she said sorry. Then he said no you go apologize to my wife too?? He was doing the most don’t let the video fool u,” the rapper said.

Meanwhile, some fans reportedly identified the hotel as being in Savannah, Georgia. Some were in high praises of Boosie Badazz for stepping up and defending the woman not even because of her gender but because she was a service worker.

“You did what you was supposed to do, protect black women at all cost. it was the hitta in the back fa me tho,” one of his fans responded to his tweet.

“Thank you because it really be n**** standing around watching men talking crazy/getting physical with women and not do a damn thing,” another woman said.