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Carl Crawford Fires Back At Megan Thee Stallion Giving Him Middle Finger On Stage

Carl Crawford Megan Thee Stallion
Carl Crawford, Megan Thee Stallion

Carl Crawford on Wednesday called out Megan Thee Stallion for apparently dissing 1501 Certified Entertainment on stage in a recent performance.

A small clip of her performing her song, “Realer,” was shared on Wednesday, which showed Megan Thee Stallion skipping the verse that shouted out 1501 Certified Ent and seeing her showing a middle finger instead.

The performance is reportedly from a performance in May in which the rapper acts cheeky when the verse, “I’m the 1501 queen,” plays, but she sticks up my middle finger.

The clip resurfacing coincidentally resurfaced on the same day that Megan Thee Stallion gave another interview to Rolling Stone detailing what happened to her during the alleged Tory Lanez shooting incident.

“See I really just be minding my business… nah f**k u seahorse,” the former athlete said on Instagram Stories.

“Song should be called Faker than Fake,” he added in another story.

Carl Crawford also had some words for Megan’s longtime manager T. Farris. “And f**k T. Farris too u b****H,” he added.

Megan has not reacted to the latest outburst by Crawford, who (along with the label) is being sued by Megan Thee Stallion to end her unconscionable contract, which she alleges allows the label to do the least while making millions of dollars out of her. She added that the label has been preventing her from fulfilling her terms under the agreement so the deal can end. 1501 Certified Ent, however, claims that they are owed millions from the rapper.

The matter is still before the court.

As for Farris, he has not responded to the label exec, but he has been in the artist’s life since the beginning of her career.

In her Rolling Stone article, Megan Thee Stallion spoke about Farris being one of the only people she could trust.

“He probably is the only person who really knows exactly what I’m feeling and what’s on my mind,” she says. “When we up, we’re jumping around, we’re happy, with the puppies running. Then when I’m sad, he’ll be like, ‘OK, cry it out for a little bit, but we need to get up and get it together. You Megan Thee Stallion!’ He really is my hype man.”

Farris previously worked with Megan’s mom, and he and Megan met when he worked with 1501 Certified Entertainment.

“My momma didn’t like anybody in life,” Megan explains. “So when she liked T. Farris, I was like, ‘This man might be an angel.'”