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Chicago Drill Rapper FBG Cash Shot and Killed At Age 31

FBG Cash
FBG Cash / IG

Chicago drill legend FBG Cash was shot and killed on Friday.

According to ABC7 news in Chicago, police found the victim, a 31-year-old rapper, whose real name is Tristian Hamilton, dead from gunshot wounds while in his car.

The Cook County Bureau of Administration released very few details about the incident, only confirming that a man and a woman were sitting in their car when a lone unidentified gunman pulled up in a black four-door sedan, got out, and opened fire at the pair before getting back into the sedan and escaping.

The 29-year-old female victim is in a critical condition at the Advocate Medical Center. She suffered gunshot wounds to the left arm and upper back.

The police also confirmed that FBG Cash received several shots about his body as he was the intended target. He was ultimately pronounced dead at the same hospital his female companion was taken to.

No arrests have been made so far, but fans of the rapper reacted to the news of his death on social media on Friday. The rapper is well-known as a member of Chicago’s Fly Boy Gang [FBG] crew, also called the Clout Boyz or “tooka gang.”

FBG rappers include Lil Jay, Wooski, Billionaire Black, Young Mello, FBG Dutchie and the late FBG Duck, who was killed in a similar manner in 2020.

A lot of the reactions surrounding the rapper’s death focus on the ongoing feud between the Tooka gang and O Block. A couple of months ago, FBG Cash released a diss song in which he references one of their members, Tooka being “smoked” and proceeds to diss O Block rapper King Von.

“I don’t wanna go club no more, n***as get left in the dirt… Can’t even get his lick back.”

Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed rumors by YouTubers from Chicago who claims that the rapper was set up by another woman and tried to escape the offender. He was chased down and shot and received wounds to the legs and upper body, and throat.

The police have not confirmed any gang responsible for the rapper’s murder, only saying that Area Two detectives are investigating.