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Blueface’s Sister Blames Mother Karlissa For Breaking Up Her Marriage

Blueface, Kali Miller

Things are getting messy between rapper Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, and his sister Kali Miller as the two turned on each other after Kali’s husband left her.

Last Saturday evening, Kali tweeted that her marriage is in shambles since the fight.

“My husband left me. Pay for me,” she wrote on Twitter.

Her husband was seen days before in a now-viral video laid out during a fight Kali had with her brother’s girlfriend, Chrisean Rock. Kali alleged that Blueface’s security had knocked out Miller’s husband, and her mother had hinted that he had lost many of his teeth from the incident.

It’s alleged that Kali and her husband showed up to confront Rock for beating up her mom. However, the situation did not go their way, and Miller was eventually hospitalized.

On Saturday, Kali Miller shared that Chrisean Rock apologized to her as she maintained that she was only doing what she felt was right, which was defending her mother, Karlissa.

It seems that things have since gone south as Kali blames her mother for what has happened to her marriage.


“I’m the last real one in this family, imagine putting everything on the line for your mother and this is her response. Maybe y’all was right. I was a dumbass,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

Karlissa had previously posted that she is not at fault for what happened.

“It’s not my fault your husband left you. It’s not my fault he played sleep while they beat you up. It’s not my fault he took out over there. My husband bought you 2 cars after that pretend husband wrecked them. How dare you lie and say he would have me sleep in a car. Now you have no dad again,” she taunted her daughter.

Meanwhile, Karlissa also proceeded to bash both of her kids as she noted that she was still catering to their everyday needs.

“I’m not giving no Fs about none of these kids. Spoiled and ungrateful. Hell I still clean ALL they rooms and wash ALL they clothes. It’s time for momma to have a life. Take care of y’all own dogs, kids, and homes. I’m out..I quit,” she said in a separate Instagram Story.

Meanwhile, Chrisean Rock also responded to Kali, who blasted her online after she apologized to her for the events that transpired. According to Rock, she was defending herself even though she understood Kali was acting on principle by standing up for her mother.

Chrisean Rock also responded to Kali blasting her apology, noting that Kali had hit her husband in the face before the fight started.

“I swear I just was checking on u…ya husband left you cuz u was the first person to hit him [in] da face before he almost lost his life he was trynna tell u to get in the car,” Rock said in an InstaStory.