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Mo’Nique Calls 50 Cent “Pure Hearted” After D.L. Hughley & Steve Harvey Feud

50 Cent Monique
50 Cent and Monique / IG

The rapper put his neck on a block to defend Mo’Nique and get her back to work after he found out that she was allegedly “blackballed” by some big-ticket names in Hollywood.

Mo’Nique is set to make her first television appearance in years thanks to 50 Cent, who cast her in his hit series Black Mafia Family. The comedian will appear in season 2 of the show, which is expected to air in the late summer of 2022.

Since 50 Cent’s announcement that he was casting Mo’Nique, she has received apologies from Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels, but Mo’Nique has gone on to beef with D.L. Hughley and even Steve Harvey.

While dragging D.L. Hughley, she dropped in her gratitude to 50 Cent for sticking up for her.

In a video, her husband can be heard saying he appreciated 50 Cent for speaking up even though he didn’t have to.

Mo’Nique also spoke about her and 50 Cent’s new working relationship.

“I want to talk right to our baby, from one black woman to that beautiful, pure-hearted black man, and let me be clear, I’m saying Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson is a pure heart,” Mo’Nique said.

“So when y’all get to talking about ‘Oh 50, you next,’ that’s a man, that’s a king. He’s of pure heart, baby, and he’s principled. See we have conversations offline, and people got to saying, ‘She ain’t thank 50, she ain’t said nothing to 50.’ We don’t have to have our relationship online. And that brother ain’t said nothing when people trying to turn that into something ugly that it was not,” she said with her and her husband saying they loved 50 Cent.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent, who is clearly observing the drama swirling Mo’Nique, reposted the video with some valuable advice.

“@moworldwide I love you guys too. let’s progress at a pace they haven’t seen before, work like we gotta make up for lost time. The best way to get back at anyone you feel did you wrong is to do good gunitbrands.com.”

According to a description of Mo’Nique’s character, she plays the role of a woman named Goldie. It’s unclear if her appearance on the show will be a staple or just a one-off appearance.