50 Cent Lands Meeting With Tyler Perry To End Mo’Nique Blackball

50 Cent Tyler Perry
50 Cent, Tyler Perry

50 Cent says he had a meeting with Tyler Perry in his quest to end Mo’Nique blackballed.

Rapper 50 Cent’s efforts to help actress Mo’Nique get back in the acting world is finally paying off as he placed heat on Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey to apologize to her for helping to blackball. On Tuesday, the rapper came with an update as he said he spoke to Perry, who denied doing anything to harm the actress’ career.

“I talk to Tyler today he told me he never told anyone not to hire therealmoworldwide and he is happy i decided to work with her,” 50’s status read.

The G-Unit head also said that Perry addressed the call for an apology from Oprah, who also painted the actress as difficult to work with, causing others to shun her and push her out of the industry.

“He said he couldn’t speak for Oprah but he is sure she is fine with monique and has even brought her up for things monique has no idea about. I’m so happy for Mo right now ! GLG GreenLightGang She Back,” 50’s caption read.

The rapper has been pushing in the last few days to get Mo’Nique back on the big screen in one of his Starz hit series after learning that she has not been in a starring role since 2016 after she won an Oscar for her performance in the movie ‘Precious.’

Mo’Nique has claimed that director Lee Daniels used his connections to Perry, Oprah, and others to spread rumors to make her have less work as an actress after she refused to market the Precious. At the time, the actress said she had young children, and she was underpaid while the movie made millions, and yet she was expected to promote the film for free.

Last week 50 Cent had shared that he found the actress to be funny and said he wanted to hire her. 50 Cent currently has several hit TV series, including the No. 1 show Power on Starz, which features several top celebrities.

Mo’Nique has not publicly reacted to the developments as yet.