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YSL Rapper Yak Gotti Denies Snitching On Lil Duke In Rico Case

Yak Gotti Young Thug
Yak Gotti, Young Thug

Yak Gotti insists he is not a snitch.

Reports surfaced on Thursday that Yak Gotti allegedly snitched on YSL members, including Young Thug, to whom he is signed to. Reports claim that the rapper assisted feds in building a case against the outfit since 2015, when he first came under police radar.

Yak Gotti is named in the 56-count RICO indictment against 28 YSL members, including Gunna and Young Thug, and was arrested in May.

The indictment named Gotti as being responsible for the 2015 murder of Donovan Thomas. Yak Gotti’s real name is Deamonte Kendrick, and according to the District Attorney, he, along with Arnold Martinez (Lil Duke) are charged with conspiracy to commit murder and participation in street gang activity contrary to the RICO Act.

The count for murder says that Yak Gotti and Lil Duke drove to the territory of a rival gang with the intention to murder another man in retaliation for a previous shooting committed by the rival gang. They had an AK 47 and a .40 caliber handgun and driving a car rented in Young Thug’s name the year before when they ended up in a high-speed chase with police. The car at point crashed, and both men fled on foot unsuccessful, and were later captured by police.

According to unconfirmed reports online, Yak Gotti confessed to owning the gun in that incident and related the reason he had for using the weapon- to retaliate for them beating him up.

The car in this particular offense rented in Young Thug’s name is listed in a count against the rapper in the RICO indictment. He is charged with murder. There are speculations that Yak Gotti had given police additional information about an unrelated incident during his interrogation in 2015, all of which further sinks YSL members.

Yak Gotti has released a statement via his Instagram account denying that he has snitched on YSL as he pointed out that he took on the consequences alone.

“2015 my Brudda never did a day in jail because I claimed my sh*t. I did 4 years fed with no tears,” he said before adding stop the cap (lies).

Meanwhile, the rapper attended court on Thursday for a bond hearing.

During the proceedings, it was revealed that in 2015 Yak Gotti told prosecutors that he gave Lil Duke a gun to retaliate against a rival gang in 2015. That information now forms part of the current RICO case against YSL members.

As for bond, it was denied by the presiding judge, who noted that the rapper is likely to be a threat to witnesses and likely to commit other crimes if released. A trial date for 9 January 2023 was set.