Lincoln 3Dot Says Reactions To Starr Dawkins Cousins Claim ‘Surprising’

Lincoln 3Dot Starr Dawkins
Lincoln 3Dot, Starr Dawkins

Lincoln 3Dot breaks his silence on the reaction from fans after his ex-girlfriend Starr Dawkins revealed they’re cousins.

On Sunday, the Comedian and Dancehall artist shared that he was frustrated at how everyone took Starr Dawkins’ comments to be true as he claimed it was a joke but also said he was fed up with the cousin jokes.

In a video shared on Instagram, Lincoln 3Dot said that he was surprised and disappointed how Dawkins’ comments became viral on a number of local and international blogs and even the local television news in Jamaica while there were more pertinent issues occurring on the island.

“So this cus thing me find funny, Everybody a make memes ‘hey soupy’ ‘cus boy’, yea ahaha funny but how far it reach is very surprising to me and very disappointing to me, it reach all pan the news, dawg,” he began.

“And Jamaica have a real drug problem but mi nuh see that pan the news
The whole a di young people dem addicted to ecstasy and molly, mi nuh see that pan the news,” Lincoln added.

“Unu love laugh ‘hahaha’, but cus mi nuh think Jamaica have the facilities fi deal with the amount a addict weh deh a Jamaica right now. Mi deh a Jamaica what day, and it come in like me a the only person weh nah take ecstasy or molly…talk bout that cus, put that pan di news cus,” he ended.

Starr Dawkins Lambo
Starr Dawkins Lamboghini Urus

In the comments section, the artist also appeared to call out ZIP DJ and Instagram personality Sparkie for her reposting the video with a cheeky caption.

He also appeared to deny that Starr Dawkins’ claim that they were cousins is true.

“I have NO situation! It’s actually a joke. But the publicity that came from it even put money in my pockets. I repost all the memes. That’s not the point of my video, and you know that, the way you caption this is like you’re just looking for clicks!” he said.

Dawkins told The Fix hosts last week that she and the upcoming artist broke up because they found out they were related and that he ended things.

“He did break up with me and everyone thinks I broke up with him,” she began.

“I hate bringing this up and it’s something we keep private. I’m here I might as well say it. We found out we’re cousins! Because we’re cousins we had to separate. Lincoln is my cousin like actual cousin so we broke up,” she said.

Her statements also sounded like she wanted to continue the relationship.

“So you wanted to continue the relationship after you found you were cousins?” Naro asked.

“Didn’t you use to play dolly house with your cousins and do some things with your cousins?” she asked Naro.

“That’s dolly house, not sexual intercourse,” the host tells her.

Starr has also commented on blogs like the Neighborhood Talk, which reposted the interview snippet, and even a recent TVJ post where she affirmatively said that ending the relationship finding out makes no sense given that the relationship was at a progressive stage.

Starr has not reacted to the latest comments by Lincoln, but it’s obvious that the comments are highly damaging and should be kept private, given the careers the artists are pursuing.

Dancehall artiste Ce’Cile also reacted by agreeing with Lincoln 3Dot that there are much bigger issues happening in Jamaica that requires media attention.

“He actually speaking facts though..the damn drug / Molly problem is an issue..and everyone laughing and reposting some craziness nowadays its gonna be come a pandemic this should not be on the news with so much other things to highlight,” she said.