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Rick Ross Transformed Into A Jamaican Listening Barrington Levy’s “Murderer”

Rick Ross
Rick Ross

The Biggest Boss Rick Ross showed off his dance moves as he was seen vibing to Barrington Levy’s “Murderer.”

Rick Ross, seen only with a pair of yellow loafers and his grey shorts on with a bottle of alcohol, shows off his footwork while the legendary dancehall artist’s song is heard playing in the background. At first, Rozay steps into the frame with his weight loss success apparent.

“Step pan dem blood****t,” a Jamaican person who is filming can be heard saying as the rapper.

“Bloodc****t bad boy,” Rozay’s friend is heard saying.

Rick Ross has often shared his love for Jamaican culture, and he has also traveled to the island where he performed at the Heineken Best of Summer festival in Jamaica in 2012.

Rick Ross had previously signed a Jamaican-born rapper named Magazeen to his Maybach Music Group. The men all came to Jamaica in 2012, where Rick Ross spoke about enjoying Jamaica and adding the Jamaican flavor to his artist’s music videos.

Rozay was also slated to perform at Reggae Sumfest in 2015 but could not come to the island as he was caught up with a 2 million dollar bail case for kidnapping and aggravated assault and was placed on house arrest.

In any case, even though his dance moves can be improved, one thing that is undoubtful is the rapper’s wide success with his many business ventures, including his Wing Stop franchise and his Maybach Music label.

The rapper has been doling out gems of wisdom ahead of his upcoming 12th studio album. Ross has also been ensuring that he plugs his alcohol and other endorsement deals since he is one of a few rappers to be the first to foray into business activities while maintaining his music career.

In a recent interview, Rick Ross, who released his first debut album in 2006, shared why his music has relevance even as he transcends age at 46.

“At some point, you gotta realize when you’re at your highest and when you’re at your lowest. Move the most when you’re at your highest,” he said in a Hot New Hip Hop interview.