Skeng Assisted By Cops After Being Pepper Sprayed, Gets June 21 Court Date


Skeng was assisted by law enforcement officials after being pepper sprayed and dragged off a flight.

Attorney-at-law for Skeng, Christopher Townsend, says that there are no bad relations between dancehall artist Skeng and police officers in light of the recent incident where the artist was pepper-sprayed.

On Wednesday, Townsend said that Skeng received assistance from police officers after he was pepper-sprayed and removed from a flight destined for Trinidad and Tobago.

According to Jamaica Observer, the incident at the airport on Tuesday around 1:50 p.m. was not caused by police officers, contrary to reports circulating online.

“The incident started with the security officers and not with the police as it is being reported,” Skeng’s attorney said. “We feel that it was a situation that was totally uncalled for. He was asked to remove an item from his suitcase which he did, but the security officer began to tout him, ‘asking him who he thinks he is’, and any hot-blooded young Jamaican, would have responded that ‘you can’t talk to me that way’, so the situation escalated.”

Townsend added that officers were called to respond to the situation and they were able to restore calm while being “cordial” to the “Gvnman Shift” artist.

“We are unsure as to who pepper-sprayed him, whether it was the security guard or the police, but he was pepper-sprayed,” Townsend said. “But the police have been very nice and very cordial to him. When I got there yesterday, they were assisting him to mitigate the effects of the pepper spray on his body and his eyes, they were helping him to wash out his eyes.”

Skeng, whose real name is Kevaun Douglas, was nevertheless arrested and charged with disorderly behavior and resisting arrest, summary offenses that do not carry jail time but can result in fines and a criminal record. He was granted bail in his own surety on Tuesday evening and will appear before the Kingston and St. Andrew court on June 21, 2022, to answer to the charges.

In the meantime, Skeng was heading to Trinidad in transit to Guyana with two members of his team as he is the headlining act for the concert ‘Baderation’ on May 27. He is also scheduled to perform in Trinidad on May 28 at two separate locations.

Skeng is currently one of the top young artists in dancehall following his rapid rise last year with hits like “Gvnman Shift,” which was one of the most streamed dancehall songs last year. He has since land collaborations with veterans in the industry like Tommy Lee Sparta and international producer, Rvssian.