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Brandy Follows Through With Jack Harlow Threats With “First Class” Freestyle

Jack Harlow Brandy
Jack Harlow, Brandy

Brandy released a freestyle on Jack Harlow’s “First Class” track on Wednesday as she further reacted to the white rapper’s lack of knowledge as to who she is.

Brandy had joked before that she would release a rap track and “murk” Harlow after she caught wind of the video where he said that he was unaware that Brandy and Ray J were siblings earlier this month.

“I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing is a*s to sleep,” Brandy had tweeted.

She dropped the track on Wednesday, which showed off her rap skills even though Brandy is known as an R&B singer.

“Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is world-famous, one of the greatest, living legend, did I mention my resume is amazing….that don’t mean Jack in the streets, Jack of all trades now I am here Jack of all beats,” she rapped on a snippet released online.

Harlow’s “First Class” is a sample of Fergie’s “Glamorous,” but while she seemed to come through with her promise, many do not view the freestyle as beef with Harlow but more of Brandy showing off her rap skills.

Among those who reacted was Hot 97’s Ebro, on whose show Harlow couldn’t identify the Brandy song that was played.

“Yo @HOT97 ya’ll gotta relax! why can’t Brandy just have fun? Stop making this sound like real beef,” he said, laughing.

In the meantime, Jack Harlow has appeared to be apologetic about his faux pas even though he was just two months old when Brandy’s song came out.

Harlow appears to be educating himself as he recently shared that he was listening to Brandy songs on his Instagram Story.

He had shared a photo of a young Brandy and Ray J with Brandy singing on Kanye’s “Bring Me Down” playing.

Jack Harlow hasn’t responded to her freestyle yet.