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NBA YoungBoy Burn His Baby Mother $50K Birkin Bag After Cryptic Message

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy burn a Birkin bag worth $50,000 on a grill that he reportedly bought for his baby mother.

A day after he claimed that he was headed for the grave or jail, NBA YoungBoy‘s erratic stunts continued as he burned a lime green Birkin bag on an outdoor grill.

A video was shared online showing the rapper using lighter fluid to burn the bag while a dollar bill that was set alight ignited the flames. The bag appears to hold up well under the flames as he repeatedly squirted lighter fluids on various parts of the bag to keep it going. The short video did not show the end of the video, but the bag is barely charred at the end of the video that was posted online.

NBA YoungBoy is 22-years-old with eight children. His life has its problems, as despite being one of the biggest rappers in the game, he is also facing serious gun and drug charges and is presently on house arrest in Utah as he awaits trial.

In the meantime, many people have speculated that his actions might be connected to one of his baby mothers, Yaya Mayweather, with whom he shares a son named after him, Kentrell Gaulden Jr.

It’s also not a coincidence for fans looking on as they recalled that Yaya celebrated her 22nd birthday on Saturday evening. She was seen blowing out her candles surrounded by friends and family and her son, who all wore t-shirts featuring her mugshot from when she stabbed another one of his baby mothers years ago.

Yaya Mayweather
Yaya Mayweather / IG

Yaya Mayweather has not responded to the stunt as she shared a birthday post featuring a nude-colored Hermes bag.

Fans were not here for the rapper’s antics, however.

“It’s ALWAYS something with him,” one person said.

Another fan expressed concern for the rapper’s well-being.

“He is also seeing how money changes those around him especially when you are down.. all that glitters is not gold and I feel these acts are a cry for help! And I hope someone intervenes instead of leaving him to self destruct as it happens with many celebrities because those around have something to GAIN. I hope they tell him if he changes that it get way better and the story he will be able to tell will help others! That he can become a Goat of his time because his potential is so great. Tell him it’s a joy seeing your children grow up! And one day seeing them become successful. Tell him God got him and knew who he was before he got here! Tell him don’t give up!” the fan shared on Instagram.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again shared a dark cryptic message just days before pouring gas on the Birkin bag on a BBQ grill.