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50 Cent Says XXXTentacion’s Hulu Documentary Missed Key Details

50 Cent Cleopatra Bernard
50 Cent, Cleopatra Bernard

50 Cent shared his views on XXXTentacion’s new Hulu documentary and why it’s missing some key details.

If anyone is going to give an honest review, it’s 50 Cent. According to Fif, even though Hulu’s upcoming XXXTentacion documentary Look At Me is extremely well-produced, it missed out on some critical aspects of the fallen rapper’s life.

One of the major things that 50 Cent believed was left out was whether or not the “Falling Down” rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala was pregnant when the abuse charges were brought up against him.

That’s according to X’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, who, along with his manager Solomon Sobande, spoke with TMZ recently about executive producing the film. She revealed during that interview that 50 Cent gave her some feedback after he was given the opportunity to see the documentary before its official release on May 26.

Bernard said that the New York native told her that they would only get one shot at this, and some things were left out that should have been in there. Some of that included the notion that he was so much more than an artist and did a lot of charity work. According to the TV exec, those things should have been included.

Another way he believed the documentary missed the mark is that the results of the pregnancy test were not included in the final product.

“And this was blood paperwork from the hospital to show that the young lady was never pregnant. The film is supposed to be truthful all across the board and I felt like, and he felt like, that should have been something that they should have spoke more on,” she added.

Bernard admitted, however, that the main goal of the production was to humanize her late son. His life was mired by accusations of abuse which included charges that would amount to 15 felonies by 2018 relating to domestic violence altercations from his 2016 relationship with Geneva Ayala.

Unfortunately, the “Sad!” rapper was killed in June 2018 by a pair of armed robbers outside a motorsports dealership in Florida at the age of 20. There remains some mystery surrounding whether or not Ayala’s claims of being pregnant are true, as her hospital tests revealed she was no longer pregnant and had lost the baby. Still, X’s mother seemed convinced that she was never pregnant.