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Flavor Flav, 63, Found Out He Has 3-Year-Old Son With Ex-Manager

Flavor Flav son
Flavor Flav son

Flavor Flav now has eight children. This week it was confirmed that the 63-year-old fathered a three-year-old boy with his former manager Kate Gammel.

According to reports by TMZ, a paternity test done recently confirmed that the little boy named Jordan is his son. It’s unclear why it took three years to take the DNA test, but Jordan will now take on his father’s last name, Drayton.

This would be Flavor Flav’s eighth child with four different moms, and it has come as a shock to fans of the rapper, given his age. Gammel is now unknown as the rumor that she birthed a child for the rapper first started in 2019 when the baby was just two months old.

Jordan is said to have been born in July 2019. As for Gammel, she was a member of his management team and managed his public appearances and merchandising beginning in 2017. She also has a history of working with other Public Enemy rappers and was assistant to Chuck D from 2015-to 2016.

She and Flavor Flav appeared to have a relationship as they were seen in photos visiting Niagara Falls, among other things. However, Gammel was fired by Flav after disclosing she was pregnant. He also denied that he was the father of her child.

According to TMZ, Jordan’s maternal grandparents, Barry and Parchi Flava, and their daughter had a romantic relationship. The grandparents reportedly said that the rapper finally submitted his DNA which came back positive for paternity.

In the meantime, the parents have settled on child support and a custody agreement, and the once-again dad is making up for lost time with his son. Flavor Flav is reportedly spending time with his son, who already shows musical inclinations as he likes playing the drums, which his father taught him.

The parents have already filed legal documents for a name change to ensure that Jordan becomes a part of his father’s estate. A hearing on the matter is set for later this year.