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Nicki Minaj Calls Cardi B Fan Jealous Over Comments About Her Natural Hair

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is not here for Cardi B fans who think her hair is long and thin, as the rapper set a few people straight for assuming that her long tresses are not full enough.

Nicki Minaj, who is of Trinidadian and mixed ethnicity, which includes African and Indian, has often shown off her hair which naturally grows thick and wild. Even though she often appears neatly styled in a lace front wig, the rapper takes care of her natural hair and gives fans a rare glimpse of her natural hair on Monday.

She shared a video of her hair being blow-dried and getting combed out as it ran down her back. The rapper pointed out that she has been growing her hair without a perm.

“I’m there. I’m L Long hair don’t care. Steady starin @ my ear cuz my ear on glare. Now it’s not hard to find me. Top behind me. You be Harry Potter & I’ll be Hermoine #StillNoPerm yet,” she said before adding that her ends were trimmed after the video was made.

Some social media users swiftly reacted to the post as they dragged her hair for not being trimmed.

“Nicki talking bout long hair don’t care baby you need a trim and a treatment,” one woman said on Twitter.

However, Barbz quickly came to the Queen’s defense as they pointed out that her hair was eventually trimmed, with Nicki calling out the hair critic for their “jealousy and obsession.”

She later shared a lengthy post on Instagram where she called out people for hating on her and her hair.

“B*tchs would hate on a cardboard box. If you wanna know how thick my hair is go ask the ppl who do it how long it takes to straighten it out. We all have diff texture FOLLICLES. wait wtf did I just say? But yes it’s true,” she began.

“I do vids like this after taking my braids out & b4 trimming it. Most times I just blow dry but I think this time I flat ironed it- but the roots are never completely straight cuz I don’t have chemicals in it (so it falls different) & it’s not bumped @ the ends cuz I’m not wearing it as a style to go out,” she added.

Nicki Minaj is not the only celebrity to be dragged for having long luscious hair. Cardi B has also faced similar backlash after she shared her homemade recipe for her and her daughter Kulture’s hair.

Of course, the critics focused on Cardi’s Spanish heritage as they claimed that might be the reason why she has long hair, but the rapper shared several old photos of what her hair used to look like prior to her deep conditioning and treating it regularly.

The rapper has also filed trademarks for hair products, but there has been no news on the business behind the trademarks.