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Keyshia Cole Responds To Fans Criticizing Her Over Antonio Brown Relationship

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole clapped back at fans criticizing her over her rumored relationship with Antonio Brown.

Many fans have been wondering what exactly is going on between Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown. That’s mostly because over the last few weeks the pair have been posting some questionable things.

For one thing, not too long ago, in April, the American football wide receiver shared a clip of the sultry songstress sporting what looked like an “AB” tattoo. And over the last weekend, Cole shared several photos saying that she missed the star athlete, who many believe is her bae.

To add some fuel to the fire, Brown responded to her message quickly by saying, “You Ain’t Pimpin Until You Hit An RnB Diva’ #FreeAgent #KeepPimpin,” alongside one of the questionable clips from last month, which showed the “I Remember” singer dancing with her tattoo out for all to see.

Keyshia Cole didn’t hold back either and jumped into the supposed scandal herself as she replied to a post by @theshaderoom. She commented, “This the second time you posted this @AB but the captions changed. Don’t be mad at me no more babe, I said I apologize.”

When more Twitter fans called them out for being cryptic and leading fans, Cole responded to one of the tweets, which read, “Why can’t #BlackTwitter and dem be happy for our girl and see how this plays out. I’m rooting for y’all @KeyshiaCole.”

She quoted the tweet and said, “Thank you! Lmao! It’s all good. I’m used to it! Always so hard on me. No love lost.” The back and forth continued as another fan insinuated that she was lovestruck and that “she never had a love like this before.”

She retorted, “OBVIOUSLY you KNO nothing. You’re just assuming what [you] think [you] KNO,” and she followed that up with, “And if [you] wanted to KNO, you could’ve taken your [chances] at asking.”

What do you guys think? Are they a couple or just taking fans on a social media ride?