Spice Share Her Biggest Fears And What Scares Her The Most


What scares Spice the most?

We all know that Spice is the Queen of the Stage. From her energetic performance to her dance moves which require a level of creativity and athleticism that many of us don’t have, Spice dominates in every category when it comes to live performance. So, if she isn’t afraid of jumping from high surfaces to please the crowd, what scares our favorite blue-haired bombshell the most?

In a recent interview, the entrepreneur shared her fears. In the clip, Spice can be seen clad in a Versace dress and her signature blue wig as she gets ready for her next question, which read, “What’s your biggest fear?”

Immediately, there is a playful shift in her countenance. After a dramatic gasp, she says, “My biggest fear in life is death. That is my biggest fear.”

The “Jiggle” artiste listed everything related to death that she is afraid of.

“I’m scared of caskets. I’m scared of the hearse. I don’t like to see wreaths. I don’t like blood. I don’t want to die …at an early age or have my life taken by another human being,” she noted.

In true fashion, Spice had to add a bit of humor to the sensitive topic. She said, “Me nuh wah live too too old enuh cause me nuh wah wear Pampers and them something there. So that’s my fear, I don’t wanna die.”

Jodi Jinx Spice
Jodi Jinx, Spice

The 39-year-old continued, “When me deh pon the plane and the plane dip and go down, oh Lord me a scream out. Me deh pon ‘PILOT!'”

The Queen of Dancehall is known for her honesty, so it was not surprising that she made no exception in this interview. Spice fans, who she affectionately calls her “Besties,” can attest to this as the artiste frequently goes live and shares pieces of her life with her adoring fanbase.

Spice had recently sparked debate among social media users regarding her relationship with her film director Justin Budd. Fans are speculating that their relationship is in troubled waters amid their actions over the past few weeks, which have left fans believing that they are no longer together. While no official statement has been released, Spice and Justin both appear unfazed.

Spice is currently in the middle of her world tour, which is slated to keep her booked and busy from Spring through to the middle of the summer.

She will be touring locally in the US, Canada, Europe, The Caribbean, and Latin America.