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DaniLeigh Ruffles Feathers With DaBaby Diss Track “Dead To Me”


DaniLeigh is airing out DaBaby in a new interview and a new song titled “Dead To Me.”

The two parted ways late last year after a fight that was shared live where DaBaby insulted and dragged DaniLeigh as he shared that they were never in a relationship and also attempted to throw her and their three-month daughter out during the fight.

Dani has been keeping a low profile as she takes care of her young daughter, but the drama with DaBaby is never-ending with the fight with her brother, rapper Brandon Bills, who was seen getting beat up by the North Carolina rapper and his cronies.

In her new song, “Dead To Me,” DaniLeigh channels her pain and hurt towards her baby daddy following the situation.

“You know you dead to me / I got no more time for toxic energy, no no,” a short clip of the song says. Dani shared that the single is called “My Side” and is to be released on May 10.

Although the preview was short, it was enough to spark the curiosity of fans as they waited to hear her side of the story and wanted her to address the claims made by DaBaby, which shamed her to the world.

“Dababy fr was on live and called danileigh A CERTIFIED SIDE B TCH lol she gotta come hard on this la song drop,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“DaniLeigh got a new song coming out tomorrow somebody said it’s giving Dani Walker so ima listen,” another person said.

“I’ve always been a fan of DaniLeigh, but now her music finna go harder,” another fan of hers wrote.

Since the November 2021 incident with DaBaby in which Dani was slapped with two charges for assault and battery for allegedly putting her hands on DaBaby, the rapper has gone on to create more legal problems for himself.

Criminal charges due to violent behavior against Bills is looming as the investigation is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department, while the rapper is also facing a fresh lawsuit and criminal charges for a beat down of an L.A. Airbnb owner.

Weeks ago, he also shot a man who allegedly trespassed on his property and also managed to sock his own artist, Wisdom, to the face in a sneak attack.

Despite the constant exhibits of violence, DaBaby remains untouched, with many charges not sticking and his lawsuits disappearing after being settled out of court.

On the other hand, this is the first time DaniLeigh is releasing new music since the incident at DaBaby’s home. The singer is best known for her single “Easy,” featuring Chris Brown.