Beenie Man Tribute The Mothers Of His Children: “My Superheroes”

Beenie Angel Carlene
Beenie Man, D’Angel DHQ Carlene

Beenie Man shared a Mother’s Day tribute to the mothers of his children.

The world celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday as many showed appreciation for the women who birthed children as well as those who stepped into the role of a mother in the lives of children.

Among those who also joined in the celebration was Beenie Man, who shared greetings to a few of the mothers of his children. The dancehall legend has more than a dozen children, and he took the time to shout out a few of those mothers, including his ex-wife, as he wished them a happy Mother’s Day.

On Sunday, the King of the Dancehall acknowledged the women for their great help in raising his children, referring to them as “superheroes.”

“Blessings Pon Blessings to ALL Mothers. Mothers Day Blessings to My Superheroes,” he wrote on Twitter.

One of the posts had four women- the mother of his youngest Child Xiah-Amina, Krystal Tomlinson, former president of the Peoples National Party Youth Organisation (PNP YO), his ex-wife Michelle ‘D’Angel‘ Downer who posed with son Marco Dean Davis, former Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith with their daughter Crystal Davis and the mother of Moses Davis Jr.

D'Angel Marco Dean
D’Angel and Marco Dean

The singer’s post, of course, drew reactions from followers and commenters as they questioned where the other women were.

Beenie Man later shared another post which included daughter Ashley-Jade Davis with her mom and two more mothers, as well as his eldest daughter Desha Ravers whom he wished a collective happy mother’s day.

On Instagram, Beenie included all of the women in a slide show with a lovely caption, giving them their props.

“Blessings Pon Blessings to my Superheroes who not only carry but love and care for my children unconditionally. Your efforts are well respected and never go unnoticed. To all Women that bear the duties of Motherhood, love, and light to you. Happy Mother’s Day,” the legendary singer wrote.

Meanwhile, he also dedicated a special post to his mother, who passed away last year, as well as Desha Ravers, whom he said was the first to turn him into a grandfather.


While the commenters were quick to get petty with their jokes, the singer posted a shady comment on Twitter.

“Uno worried bout the wrong things,” he said.

Beenie Man is not the only entertainer to have many children. Quite a few artists are known for impregnating many women and fathering a large number of children over the course of their lives.

The most famous among musicians is Denroy Morgan, who is famously known for having more than thirty children and an unknown amount of baby mothers. The Morgan family is one of the largest musical families, with many of the children, grand and great-grandchildren all being talented musicians and artists.