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6ix9ine Responds To Bobby Shmurda Snitch Remarks Says Migos Never Put Him On A Song

Tekashi 6ix9ine and Bobby Shmurda
Tekashi 6ix9ine and Bobby Shmurda

6ix9ine isn’t letting any comment from rappers about him snitching slide, especially since he got new music to promote.

Bobby Shmurda’s appearance and recent comments about snitches on the latest episode of DJ Akademiks’ Off the Record podcast seem to have irked New York rapper 6ix9ine. Shmurda spoke about a lot of things, including his time in jail and how he was able to access music.

One of the comments was directed at snitches in the business side of things.

“The industry’s full of snitches, bro,” Shmurda begins. “You have to work with snitches inside the industry. This is not the streets. So you think that any rapper never dealt with a snitch on the business terms? … Rappers is capping.”

69 went on to shade those rappers whom he called “civilians” who mention illicit activities to get attention or to advance themselves.

“It’s civilians in the rap game,” he continued. “Any given minute [they’re] unhappy, they’re gonna tell. … You have to know that, and be aware of that. That’s why I hate when people acting stupid. … You’re civilians, you’re not in the streets selling drugs, you’re paying taxes. Like, don’t be capping to these lil nas.” He added, “You up in the thing with security, you ain’t doing sh*t illegal, na.”

It seems that Bobby Shmurda’s comments hit 6ix9ine in the soft spot as the rapper who has been accused of being a snitch following his 2019 Nine Trey Gangster Bloods racketeering case and plea deal responded.

“I never seen Migos throw Bobby on a song while he was in jail,” 6ix9ine said. “Talk about ‘real n***as’ but as soon as he came home they wanted to ride his wave to get hot…I didn’t owe him nothing and I sent him 40,000 in jail after ‘Stoopid’,” he claimed.

The two rappers collaborated on “Stoopid” in 2018 while Bobby was behind bars, but as 6ix9ine’s trial went on, Bobby had suggested that he would not work with 6ix9ine ever again in the future as he had rat off many names as part of his plea deal to get a lesser sentence.

Since that case, 6ix9ine has struggled to get back in the rap game, with many calling him a “rat” and “snitch.” Despite that, the rapper has persisted and recently released his song “Gine.”