Skeng Delivers New Song “London” With Gritty Visual


Skeng shot hit new video in London for his single of the same name.

From the first beat heard, it is evident that the rhythm was hypnotic enough to have you bopping your head before you even realized you were moving. Once again, dancehall artiste Skeng has woven his musical magic over his fans and listeners as he dropped the track “London” on Friday, April 22, and already it has a strong buzz that has people talking.

In the video, it is all about fine dressing and dapper stylings like a fine high-born British gentleman with tailored suits and designer wristwatches. Wouldn’t any artiste want a helicopter posed in the backdrop for that much-needed expensive dramatic effects? Shot in the United Kingdom, the song is an ode to the Motherland and all that she has to offer.

Trending in the number twelve position on YouTube, the track has already racked up close to 250,000 views in less than twelve hours and is climbing steadily as the song is catchy enough to keep it on repeat, which fans have been doing since its release.

Produced by Ditruth and DropTop Records, “London” has a simple but very effective flow that works brilliantly and resonates with listeners who are captivated first by its beats which are composed by Shacko DiTruth, and then the lyrics, which Skeng delivers seamlessly, paying homage to Britain’s capital city.


Spitting bars about how a boy from Spanish Town in Jamaica intends to take over London and make it his own while adopting some of its customs and influencing it in turn, Skeng lays down, “Hello mate! A Spaniard man deh inna u place/ We nuh cuss ‘n we nuh trace/ Get straight to di pace. From we deh inna race/ Tell u none a dem nuh safe/ lef a telly inna u face. Don Don inna di London don (repeat)/ one order plus clansman bad man/ Skeng don one don/ Spain Town gunman. N if you feel like seh mi nuh do action/ re-check good man/ before you get a wrong bang. My style dem a kick like Vandam/ Birmingham, London, England, Brampton, yuh understand?”

The ratty gang is definitely feeling its uniqueness and has declared it a certified hit going into the summer. One fan shared, “This is literally a banger! No matter how many times I listen, I never get bored! This is going to mash up the summer. Skeng is a blessed artist trust mi,” while another chimed, “Mr. Skeng Don never disappoints his fans and is back again with another smash hit song like he never left. Always consistent and on point with his catchy lyrics, punch line and wordplay. Keep up the great work my artiste.”

Check out the track below.