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Benzino Doubles Down On 50 Cent Snitching Calls Him First 6ix9ine Of Rap

Benzino 50 Cent
Benzino, 50 Cent

50 Cent is the first 6ix9ine of rap, according to his nemesis Benzino.

As far as rap beefs go, fans are in for an entertaining feud between Benzino and 50 Cent. The heated discourse between the two continued on social media over the last few days, with Benzino now claiming that Fif was the first-ever “hip hop rat.”

According to the television personality and rapper, 50 Cent is the “first 6ix9ine” He made the claims during an interview on the It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper podcast.

To back up his claims, Benzino said that it has been long rumored that the “Candy Shop” rapper had sold out former record exec Jimmy Henchman. He also claimed that federal paperwork was allegedly signed by 50 Cent.

Benzino’s allegation is not the first time these spurious claims have come up against 50, who is now a successful television executive. However, besides the rapper himself denying the accusations, TMZ also confirmed, citing law enforcement sources, that the documents were fake.

Now that rap beefs have moved to the social media space, few can keep up with 50 Cent, as his skills at trolling remains unmatched mainly by the rest of the rap community. The rapper turned TV mogul let Benzino know how he felt in recent times using his Instagram page.

One of the posts appears to have been removed, but another one that remains up insinuates Benzino’s sexuality and seems to suggest that he is into transgender women.

In both posts, 50 Cent claims that the conversation clip he plays is between Benzino and trans model-actress Shauna Brooks. In the first post that was taken down, he captioned it, “Young Buck, Benzino just embrace who you are but don’t pat nobody butt when they score a basket fool. LOL Hahaha, Nah FOR REAL! PUNK.”

Some of the conversations allegedly between the two can be heard in the second post.

“You don’t fking look bad, I do. You can never look bad. In this world, you ain’t doing nothing wrong. It would be wrong if I did. Can’t you get that through your head? You’re not looking bad Shawna. You’re looking like a fking chick. Hey it’s just a chick trying to fk with a nia. I’m looking wrong ’cause what the fk are you trying to do fk with a transgender?” a person sounding like Benzino can be heard saying.

Benzino has since responded to those claims on Twitter, saying that his dealings with Brooks were for a comedy/drama that will be released soon and that he’s never actually met her in real life.

Before this interview, Benzino railed on 50 Cent and said that he had no morals. He made those comments while appearing on Queenzflip’s show. Zino went on to say that the New York rapper was a federal informant who had bad judgment.

Benzino continued on his rant and said that even though the “Many Men” rapper was a multimillionaire, “he’s posting s**t about me that ain’t true.” He also claimed that 50 somehow ruined Ja Rule’s career by informing on him.

This beef looks far from over since Benzino’s latest move was to release a diss song aimed at both 50 and his daughter Coi Leray called “Zino Vs. The Planet.”