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Young buck Explains How Beef With 50 Cent Forced Him Into bankruptcy

50 Cent Young Buck
50 Cent, Young Buck

The beef between 50 Cent and Young Buck is not over and may not be any time soon. The two first began going at each other back in the 2000s when Young Buck accused 50 Cent of being a selfish boss.

In fact, in 2020, he revealed to The Source that some of that hatred was because of how 50 Cent went about the Vitamin Water deal, which made him a millionaire.

“He took the deal for him,” Buck said. “Whatever percentage he got out of that deal turned into what he was able to walk away from.”

Following that interview, the beef was reignited as 50 Cent claimed that he, along with G-Unit, owned all of Buck’s music and that the latter was actually in debt to him. Being the master troll, Fifty also took to Instagram to take a shot at Buck, calling him an “impulsive liar.” The New York rapper has also taken multiple shots at Buck’s sexuality, presenting a narrative that the rapper is attracted to transgender people.

Now the “Let Me In” rapper is back with fresh claims against 50 Cent, including that he’s being blocked from dropping new music and has even had to file for bankruptcy. He made the claims while being interviewed on the It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast.

According to him, it’s a situation where the both of them know exactly how they feel about each other, which probably debunks his statements in 2020 that the beef between the two of them was orchestrated by the G-Unit boss.

“I always got my personal space to protect as a man first, and you know how Fifty does. Fifty takes shots and things like that, which prompted me at the time to say some things back,” he added. He went on to say that whatever relationship that they have is strictly based on business when it’s all said and done.

Young Buck further explained that what he really wants is for all the back and forth to end to get back to making music. He also took the time to address another rumor started by 50 that he owed him money. According to Buck, there was no way that the veteran rapper could prove he was owed, and added to that, when things were getting dicey between him and G-Unit, he asked to do one more album to end the contract, and that request was denied.

Young Buck explained that at the time of the offer, he desperately wanted to go on his own, but 50 would have none of it. The “Stomp” rapper believes that someday the two can mend their broken fences.

“We possibly could iron our situation out if we had a real conversation with each other, you know what I’m saying, and just getting a clear understanding of where I stand at and where he stands at,” he added.

The matter is certainly messing things up for him financially as because of 50’s claims, he had to file for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the “Many Men” rapper seems to be going all out to block Buck’s efforts at reviving a career as, according to TMZ, he’s released a cease and desist letter to stop him from making any music.

While Buck is ready to move on and get back to his career, 50 Cent seems like he intends to drag this beef out for a long time to come.