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Kodak Black Slams Will & Jada Daughter Willow Smith Over Tupac Letter

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Kodak Black, Will Smith and Willow Smith

Kodak Black reacts to a letter Willow Smith allegedly wrote to Tupac that’s making the rounds.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith‘s relationship has taken center stage since ‘slapgate‘ took place on live television two weeks ago. Now their children are also drawn into the drama as a letter allegedly written by Willow to rapper Tupac Shakur has surfaced. The child supposedly wrote to ‘Pac’ when she was 11-years-old, asking him to come back into her mother’s life and make them both happy.

The letter in its entirety reads, “Dear Tupac. I know you are alive somewhere. I think that my mommy really misses you. Can you please come back so Mommy and me can be happy? I wish you were here. I really do. Love Willow.”

The letter has since been the subject of discussion on social media, and now rapper Kodak Black has weighed in on the topic and stated that there was no way his child could have ever thought to pen such an outrageous letter to a man who was not her father and that in a similar situation he would have taken drastic actions.

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The “No Flockin” artiste, who always has something to say, dished that he would have used his belt on Willow and gave her a whooping for what, in his estimation, is a huge betrayal to her father.

“I woulda whooped Willow f**king ass. I would have whooped her stupid ass. Snatched my belt off homie and whooped her dumb ass. Btch you in timeout. Punishment. I ain’t fcking with you. Matt of fact, I ain’t your daddy,” he stated boldly.

While some think his tirade crosses over to the extreme, many understand his response on the subject, especially since Tupac died years before Willow was even born. Kodak was not finished, though, as he questioned the Smith’s parenting style.

“You got my daughter writing 2pac like he was somewhere alive,” Kodak Black said. “That sht crazy. Like she gonna put that sht in a bottle and threw that in the ocean and it gonna get to 2pac in Cuba or somewhere.”

The “All Eyes On Me” rapper met Jada back in the mid-1980s, and according to her revelation, the now-deceased rap legend is someone she will always carry a flame for. The two maintained a relationship until his death at age 25 in 1996. Jada Pinkett-Smith has spoken out many times about her grief after Tupac’s death, especially on her ‘Red Table Talk’ show.

Kodak Black also shared some advice for Will Smith on the dating front telling the famed actor to divorce Jada Pinkett-Smith.