Shenseea Addresses False Reports She Was Hospitalize For Refusing To Fart Around Her Boyfriend


Shenseea is naming and shaming a blog that continues to post ridiculous news about her. On Friday, she shared the website link to the site and its latest article, which claimed that she had to be hospitalized after holding in her fart from her supposed rapper boyfriend.

On Twitter, she called out the site which posted the fake article.

“Just wanna let y’all know that this is the site who has been spreading non stop lies about me for views. 18 karat Reggae is so desperate and fake. EVERYTHING on there is a lie, literally lol,” she said in a retweet of a post made by the blog that reads: “Shenseea Hospitalized After Holding in Gas Around New Rapper Boyfriend.”

The upcoming hip-hop artist shared the tweet on her Instagram as she laughed at the ridiculous news.

“Hospitalized after not farting around a rapper who is my boyfriend???” she posted with laughing emojis.

She also shared the article which accompanied her photos, and as if that wasn’t bold enough, there was a whole quote from her.

The site alleges that Shenseea told them that she woke up 4:30 AM with severe pain in her stomach and when she seek medical attention, the doctor told her it was trapped fart. The site claimed she refused to fart around her boyfriend and even went on to say that the Jamaican singer went on an eating spree in the tri-state area and “had a little too much to eat,” to bolster the veracity of the story.

Shenseea chided the website for sharing false information and said they were the same ones who had started the rumor that she was pregnant for Drake and had an abortion.

“Using my name for clicks. Spreading the worst lies. I pray you go to hell,” she said before adding, “btw this was also the site that started that pregnancy rumour about me as well,” she said.

She added, “EVERYTHING, ALL LIES. Worst story teller. Please retire.”

“Prime example that you cannot believe everything you read guys. One thing with me I aint afraid to address sh*t but I wont stop to throw stones at every barking dog. If you didn’t hear that sh*t from me, it’s not credible. Sites and blogs out here lying for highlights. Be smart,” she said in another Instagram Story.

In the meantime, the actual fart story was in the news last week, which claimed that a Brazilian entertainer was hospitalized for holding in gas. It’s unclear if that story which has since gone viral, is true.