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Boosie Badazz Is Ready For Legal Fight Over Yung Bleu’s Contract

Yung Bleu and Boosie
Yung Bleu and Boosie

Boosie Badazz is ready to take “take everybody to court” over Yung Bleu’s contractual agreement.

Yung Bleu is one of those young rappers who has deservedly enjoyed the limelight in recent times. His talent in the hip-hop world continues to gain recognition, and in the last year, he has been recognized with three awards to his name.

In 2021, he copped the BET Hip Hop Award for Rookie of the Year, the Soul Train Music Award for Best New Artist, and this year he walked away with the iHeartRadio Music Award for Best New Hip-Hop Artist. While it’s obvious that he is a very talented young artist, all artists get their first break from someone recognizing their talent and taking a chance.

In this case, Boosie Badazz was instrumental in helping him to get his career on an upward trajectory. When he got started in the game, he was signed to Boosie’s Bad Azz Music Syndicate in 2016. Through that label, he was able to release several projects, many of which got fans talking about his lyrical style and flow.

However, he left the label in 2019 after his first boss and mentor, Boosie Badazz, gave him the opportunity to grow his career by signing with a label that could help him generate more income. He eventually went over to EMPIRE for his Vandross Music Group label in 2020, where he signed a distribution deal.

It’s no secret that Boosie and Yung Bleu remain close despite severing ties on the business front. During a VladTV interview, Boosie revealed that the Alabama native’s departure from the label created a contractual dispute. One that the “One of Them Days” rapper believes should be settled in court.

Boosie Badazz explained further that it’s not Bleu he’s going after but his people since it seems that they squeezed him out of a deal. He hopes that the court action will correct that and award him the compensation he deserves.

“Yung Bleu ain’t really in it; it’s just the people who was behind it. They did some messed up business, and it’s gonna come back to haunt everybody. I was just f*cked over, bro. I don’t really blame Bleu, but I got ’em. This sh*t is crazy,” he further explained.

The Baton Rouge native went on to say that the problem stemmed from how many labels were gunning to sign Bleu. He claimed that some of these labels tried to cut him out as he added that things usually get chaotic when it comes time to make money in the industry.

Boosie also reiterated that he was not after the “Miss It” rapper’s money as he added, “I don’t want his money; I want him to have all the money! I want they money!”

The two have always done well, and in 2020 Yung Bleu revealed that even after leaving the label, he gave Boosie a percentage of the profits from some albums to cover what he owed Bad Azz Music Syndicate after he was allowed to leave the label.

Yung Bleu further explained that he approached Boosie to let him know that he really wanted to go independent and did not want to be signed to Columbia anymore. At that time, he said Boosie was very understanding and only asked that he give him his profit and participation on the albums he was leaving behind.

“I was going to do that either way, whether we had a contract or not, because I had albums still left with him and he ain’t have to let me go,” he told HipHopDX in 2020. “He ain’t have to let me go free and go sign a deal, you feel me? But he did. I respect the man and we got a different type of relationship. I’m still Bad Azz, though. I’m Bad Azz for life.”

Just last month, Bleu stayed true to his word and gifted Boosie $100,000 in cash as a form of repayment.