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Soulja Boy Speak On 6ix9ine Fall From Grace Says It’s Too Late For Collab

6ix9ine Soulja Boy
6ix9ine, Soulja Boy

6ix9ine’s fall from grace is sending a ripple effect throughout the rap community as more rappers turn down collaborations including Soulja Boy.

Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s fall from hip-hop grace continues down a steady path. 69 has endured tons of insults from other rappers who essentially consider him a snitch, which is probably the worst thing you can be branded in the genre.

While some have publicly said that they have no problem collaborating with the rapper, and he even land a collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Soulja Boy, like Bobby Shmurda back in 2019, is making it clear that he will never sing on the same track as 6ix9ine.

Of course, Soulja Boy is known for his usually aggressive stance on specific issues, but this time he’s made it clear that there is absolutely no way that he would collaborate with the “GOOBA” rapper.

Soulja Boy once again reiterated his position when he was interviewed by Raquel Harper for her It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast. While stating that the time when they could have gotten together on a track had passed, he also admitted that Tekashi’s decision to become a federal informant to shave time off of his sentence was a major influencer on his decision.

“N***a, hell nawl! I ain’t doin’ no damn song with you, get the f*ck outta here! Yeah, we can’t do no song with 6ix9ine, he know that! He not expectin’ to get a Soulja Boy verse, he know that. It’s a wrap,” he said animatedly.

He added that it was simply too late and that Tekashi should have sought him out after he was released from prison, but since he didn’t a collaboration would never be on the table again.

Soulja shared that there is one rapper that he dreams about making music with, and that’s veteran rapper JAY-Z. Something he believes might be possible since Beyonc√© once did the “Crank Dat” dance.

It’s been a tough time for 6ix9ine, who started off hot in 2017 with “Gummo”, but ever since his release from prison in 2020, he’s been struggling financially. Recently the Brooklyn rapper told a judge during a court hearing in 2021 he was on the verge of bankruptcy and that his career had basically come to a standstill.

Additionally, his deal with 10K Projects finished in February, along with his merchandise deal.