Nicki Minaj Exposed RT Boss False Claims She Bought Him $1.5m House In Atlanta

Nicki Minaj RT Boss
Nicki Minaj, RT Boss

Nicki Minaj dismissed a claim made by celebrities “reader man” RT Boss that she bought him a mansion in Atlanta.

RT Boss, real name is Nardo Smith, is at it again with his claims. This time the spiritual healer is alleging that rap superstar Nicki Minaj has bought him a lavish $1.5 million house, a claim that she categorically shut down.

The “Super Bass” rapper took to Twitter to let everyone know not to believe all of the smoke and mirrors that he uses to engage people and have them believe all sorts of things about celebrities.

“Blocked. Imagine not only believing this but posting it like you confirmed it. Yall different. I’ve never met or spoken to this man a day in my life. He’s very entertaining though. Nardo baby, that gift must have come from one of your other rich secret admirers chile. Bless up,” she wrote.

On Thursday morning, RT Boss posted two short videos on Instagram with the location stamped Atlanta, Georgia. The clips featured a gorgeous tan-colored mansion with well-manicured lawns.

In the first video clip, a young lady shyly stood by while he tried to do a panoramic shot to showcase the home in all its splendor and said in the background, “Come tek picture a d front of the house, all now you nuh tek nuh picture. You nervous?”

The second video showed off some of the supposed 10 acreages of land and wooded area, as well as the wide circular driveway that can easily accommodate many cars.

In the video caption, he boldly informed his followers that Nicki had gifted him the home for his birthday, and he included the massive price tag.

“Happy birthday blessings to nardo Smith help me tell Nicki Minaj thank you one queen. I received this for my birthday gift @Nickiminaj, do we have a problem. $1.550 US 10 acre,” he wrote with numerous crown, confetti, alarm, crystal ball, and gift box emojis.

His friends and fans were initially overjoyed at his birthday ‘blessings,’ so they congratulated him and tagged Nicki Minaj while praising her generosity.

After Minaj stated that she did not gift him the home, an uncontrite RT re-posted her tweet and tagged her while promoting her new song, which drops tonight. He wrote “Blick Blick tonight midnight” with the crystal ball emoji beside it.

Social media has been buzzing with people who are either perplexed at RT Boss’ actions or amused that he would even go to that length and make such a claim. One person commented, “caa believe unnu still believe anything that man said. The man is a professional liard. Lata him ago sey she did tell him nuffi sey nutten. Memba him nah nuh shame ennuh,” while another chimed, “So how him can read the signs and never see this coming?”

RT first tried to bring Minaj in the family fold back in December 2021 when he was doing a reading on a local comedian, and she interrupted the Instagram Live and jokingly offered to ‘read’ him instead. At the time, the “Anaconda” entertainer had told him that his future was bright. Sometime later, RT claimed that Nicki decided to add some extra cash to the US$25,000 he had already planned to give away, making it a whopping $40K, and he was to bless his followers with it.

RT Boss then shared that Nicki Minaj had instructed him to give everyone $100 each. After receiving the cash, he later told the lucky recipients to tag the Trinidadian rapper to show their appreciation.