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RT Boss Says Nicki Minaj Gave Him $15K To Giveaway To His Followers

Nicki Minaj

RT Boss says Nicki Minaj gave him $15,000 to give away to his followers.

It was raining Christmas money on RT Boss’ Instagram live on Thursday night as the self-professed psychic and ‘reader man’ was playing Santa Claus. Instead of gifts, those on his ‘nice’ list were getting cold hard cash. Flashing the huge wad of cash like a new school rapper, RT was in a jolly mood as he told his viewers, who he referred to as his RT family, that they were in for a treat of epic proportion.

Dressed in a white robe outfit similar to that of an oil sheik, with a red and white headscarf trailing down his shoulder and exuding an aura of wealth and prosperity, RT was up for some fun and games. He pulled out an enormous stack of US dollars so thick, he could barely hold it in one hand and kept shaking his head and saying, “problem.”

Always up for some laughs, he began imitating Nicki Minaj’s voice and her sing-song nasal tone in which she often switches from English to patois, it seems, without recognizing it. RT kept hitting the camera with the money to demonstrate that it was real and just how much he had available as he said some people would be blessed financially in short order.

“I get a message for you and a sweet one too and this message is from Nicki Minaj. I have just received money to give away to the RT family. Nicki say ‘Bloocl**t RT, me hear sey you a give way 25K down a Jamaica deh. Me want unnu bloodcl**t know sey me have 15 grand a give wey as well, so tell the bloodcl**t people sey me gi you 15 thousand dollar. Ok? So tell you fans dem me sey you a give all a dem 100 and mek it be US. Ok? So mek sure know that you gi u fans dem 100 Bloodcl**t dollar fi demself.”

RT Boss had planned to give away just $25,000 but ended up distributing $40,000. According to RT Boss, special instructions were handed down from the Queen of the Barbz about just how the money should be distributed. He explained that Nicki Minaj told him to provide each person with US$100 in order to ensure that everyone in the family got some of the money. He further instructed each recipient to tag Minaj and share their gratitude. In order to qualify to get in on the giveaway, fans or family members had to do a series of fun activities such as dance to rap songs, including songs by Minaj.