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YFN Lucci Had Sharp Object In Possession In Jailhouse Stabbing: Reports

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YFN Lucci reportedly also had sharp object in his possession in jail during a fight with another inmate.

The incarcerated Atlanta rapper is awaiting trial for murder, but the rapper is fearful that his life is in danger if he remains behind bars. The rapper on Thursday filed court documents seeking to end his continued detention, which he said might result in deadly consequences as his life is under threat by fellow inmates.

On Friday, however, a police incident report claimed that YFN Lucci was also armed with a sharp object, and there was a fight.

According to TMZ, the incident report said that there was a fight with the rapper and the other inmate, and both were armed. The report said that correctional officers immediately sought to break up the fight and even used tasers to get them to stop. However, an enraged YFN Lucci reportedly shouted during the fight, “I feel like killing this n****!”

The report says that as a result of the fight, the rapper was slashed to his head during the altercation, but he received medical attention.

The report also says that the other inmate will be charged with aggravated assault and battery, but no word was given as to whether Lucci will be charged as well, given the new claim.

On Thursday, the rapper’s legal team filed documents claiming that he was stabbed by a fellow inmate at the Fulton County Jail last month. No detail was given about the injury, so it’s unclear if it’s the same injury as the one cited by the incident report.

Lucci also claims that he has come into the knowledge that there’s a bounty on his head among inmates making him fearful that he might end up dead before his trial date reaches.

The rapper says he was on a video call with someone outside when another inmate stabbed him from behind using a homemade shank to inflict the injury.

The incident happened on February 9, and the rapper is living in fear that other inmates may also attempt his life.

YFN Lucci, 31, is asking a judge to grant him a bond so he can be released from jail instead of placing him on house arrest. His legal team says the rapper is willing to subject himself to 24-hour house arrest, and he’ll also wear a monitoring device to restrict his movements.

The rapper is in jail after violating previous bond conditions in his murder case. The rapper had gone to a strip club and a recording studio despite being on bond for $500,000.

The “Everyday We Lit” rapper is being charged for murder as prosecutors claim he participated as the getaway driver for the car that was allegedly used in the crime.