Spice Shook After Seeing Safaree Wilding With His Bulge On Stage

Spice Safaree
Spice, Safaree Samuels

Spice was visibly shook at Safaree’s confident appearance at her event in Atlanta on Thursday night as the Love & Hip Hop star appeared to show the ladies more than they would ordinarily see from a stage performer.

Safaree Samuels was seen wearing a silver tuxedo suit while on stage, but it was his crotch area that caused the women to react as there was a visible bulge that was hard to unsee.

“Spice big up yuh BBC self, big up yuh BBC self, Spice, any BBBC place yuh deh,” the reality star said as he walked up and down on the stage while the ladies gasped in shock and clutched their invisible pearls.

Spice was visibly shocked at the sight as she was left with her mouth open at Safaree’s look.

Since the performance video, there has been an increase in searches on Twitter for ‘Safaree’ and ‘Safaree video’, with several private videos and others with him clothed in just his underpants is shared online.

It’s unclear if the videos are from his Only Fans, but they are being shared around online. Safaree has not reacted to the video as yet, but he probably won’t, as this is not the first video to be “leaked” of his private parts being shown publicly.

Meanwhile, fans of Erica Mena reacted to the video. “Dear Erica, I understand,” one fan said. Another fan added, “That thang can’t be contained.”

Safaree and Erica Mena, who have two children together, are currently going through a divorce.

“[Spice] looked shocked and confused,” another fan added.

The Jamaican dancehall star looked stunned, seeing Safaree Samuel’s pants front looking slightly bulged. It’s unclear if her boyfriend Justin Budd was present at the event, but it seems like an innocent reaction as not only she was surprised, but the other ladies.

Safaree Samuels went viral in 2018 after his private photos got leaked online, sending females into a frenzy. At the time, he said that he had no idea how the photos reached on the internet, but in the years after, he would go on to get several endorsement deals and appear on Love and Hip Hop franchise.

Spice, who is also now a regular cast member of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, maintains a good friendship with Safaree.