Shenseea’s Son Comforts Her After Revealing Painful Bump On Her Forehead

Shenseea pimple

Shenseea gets comforted by the leading man in her life, her son, after sharing a large bump on her forehead that looked quite painful.

The Jamaican singer has never been shy to share her relationship with her son Rajeiro Lee. The now 6-year-old boy was only three months old when his mother first went to the studio to make music. Now, Rajeiro has his endorsement deals and looks like he’s also his mother’s advisor when it comes to certain matters.

The two were seen in a video brainstorming how to deal with a mysterious pimple on Shenseea’s forehead. The bump located in the center of her forehead appears to be from an insect bite as there is visible swelling and a dot in the middle.

Shenseea is seen on the selfie video panicking. “What the hell? Wha this?” she asks.

Her son Raj was quick to offer the most practical solution. “I think you should just cover it up with some foundation,” he said, laughing. Shenseea then responds that the foundation won’t cover the bump, but he seems convinced, “I think you should just cover it up with some foundation,” he asked before adding, “you that mad at it?”

While Shenseea says she needs to get rid of the bump asap, Raj goes further to comfort his mother as he relates a story in which he was called a four-eyes for wearing glasses which he didn’t like but appears to not be bothered by.

“One day when my friend called me they called me four-eyes because I had my glasses on, because the lens,” he said before offering to his mother, “I can help”.

The hilarious 6-year-old is very vocal and has been a major part of his mother’s social media life. He also has his own social media account managed by his mother and is also a brand ambassador for a local beverage company, Chubby drinks.

Meanwhile, Shenseea’s friends and fans had jokes at her expense about the bump.

“U squeeze it too much U baxide you love bump so seeee bump deh,” Romeich Major said.

Another fan offered a more practical solution than Rajeiro, “BAGS for the interview today and then dermatologist appointment after.”

Queen Naija, too had an explanation for the bump. “No lie I just had a bump right there in the middle of my forehead for 2 weeks straight!! I think we’re all turning into aliens,” she said to which Shenseea laughed, “girl bye [laughing emoji].”